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     en/devel/API/Application Examples/Recruitment Functions/Vacancies & Selection Procedures/Creating of job advertisements3 Jan 2019 21:53en/devel/API/Application_Examples/Recruitment_Functions/Vacancies_&_Selection_Procedures/Creating_of_job_advertisements moved to en/devel/API/Application_Examples/Recruitment_Functions/Vacancies_&_Selection_Procedures/Creating_job_advertisements
     en/devel/API/Application Examples/Recruitment Functions/Vacancies & Selection Procedures/Creating job advertisements3 Jan 2019 21:53page display name changed to 'Creating job advertisements'
    en/devel/Lagoon Release Week Changes9 Dec 2018 09:56one or more formatting changes
     en/devel/Touch Release Week Changes9 Dec 2018 09:1316 words added, 5 words removed
    en/devel/Lagoon Release Week Changes9 Dec 2018 09:117 words removed
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    lang-cs/FAQ/nastaveni-posty22 Nov 2018 09:54one or more formatting changes
    en/admin/mail-set-up/Set-Up Domain MX Records4 Oct 2018 17:49one or more formatting changes
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     en/devel/Lagoon Release Week Changes19 Jun 2018 12:05371 words added
    en/admin/access-rights/Invoice Access Rights6 Jun 2018 19:34443 words added
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     en/user-manual/sales-and-purchase/received invoices26 Apr 2018 06:34page display name changed to 'Received Invoices'
    en/user-manual/sales-and-purchase26 Apr 2018 06:34page display name changed to 'Sales and Purchase'
    en/user-manual/sales-and-purchase/received invoices26 Apr 2018 06:33page display name changed to 'Received invoices'
     en/devel/Lagoon Release Week Changes5 Mar 2018 12:23504 words added
     en/devel/API/Application Examples/Recruitment Functions/Sending candidate to atollon22 Jan 2018 13:56en/devel/API/Application_Examples/Recruitment_Functions/Sending_candidate_to_atollon moved to en/devel/API/Application_Examples/Recruitment_Functions/cv-inbox
     lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/atollon-lagoon-pro-spravce22 Jan 2018 13:55lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/atollon-lagoon-pro-spravce moved to lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/lagoon-pro-spravce
     lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/atollon-lagoon-professional-pro-spravce22 Jan 2018 13:54lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/atollon-lagoon-professional-pro-spravce moved to lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/01-dle-produktu/atollon-lagoon-pro-spravce
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    lang-cs/uzivatelsky-manual/Recruitment/vyberova-rizeni10 Jan 2018 07:29one or more formatting changes
    en/devel/API/Functions Examples/UpdateInvoice21 Dec 2017 17:114 words added
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