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Changing Project Structure

    It is possible to change the way Atollon tracks information based on organization industry.

    The project structure is displayed fully in Finder.

    See blog post about Finder in The Islander's Journey series article.

    See video tutorial on how to adjust Finder: http://www.atollon.com/project-management-software/tutorials

    Basic Finder Structure

    In basic set-up, Atollon is organized in Client > Project > Activity/Milestone structure.

    Each of the levels of Finder may track Tasks, Events, Messages / Communication, Time Sheet or Documents. Project / Activity levels are optional. Folders and Projects may track much more information, incl. Invoices, Billing, Estimates, Orders, etc.


    Folders are placeholders for any kind of information. Folders have various use in Finder - they may be either simple container for documents, communication or it can act as contact (person / company) folder of various types (Clients, Partners, Employees).

    Folders may be structured in tree and therefore better describe organization hierarchy.

    Each Folder Type may be differently configured, incl. Custom Form, Tabs, Roles, States, Relations, etc.


    Projects are special types of folders in Finder. They must be created under one particular Folder. There are also other types of Projects for managing campaigns that employ Master / Slave relations.

    Projects can not be structured in tree. They need to have Folder as their parent and Activity as their child tree node.

    Project Types are fully customizable.

    Different way of set-up for Construction-based industries is using Folders as projects (because there is no need to have parent folder for the project).

    Activities / Milestones

    Activites or Milestones are tree nodes that split Project into different phases. Activities are used more in case of Sales activities, Milestones are used more when tracking realisation projects.

    Activities / Milestones must be created under Project, but they can be further structured in tree.

    Activity Types are fully customizable.

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