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Mail Settings

    Atollon Mail acts as independant e-mail server. There are two main ways to set-up receiving or sending e-mails by Atollon:

    Atollon as primary mail server

    This option is default system settings, in which all e-mail communication is transferred to Atollon servers.

    Domain Settings

    Customer must set-up MX records of own domain to point to Atollon servers. Please request Atollon support to provide you with your server's MX records.

    Atollon Domain Settings

    You may enter 2nd level domain (ie acme.com) into Mail settings > Domain. You may add unlimited number of mailboxes into such a domain.

    Sending messages

    The e-mail is sent directly to other mail servers, sender's identity remain the same as own mailbox (ie mailbox@acme.com).

    Atollon as secondary mail server

    This option is appropriate, once Atollon is used purely as mail archiving tool (so it is not a primary mail server). This setting is also useful once Atollon should keep only selected mailboxes.

    Domain Settings

    It is necessary to set-up MX record for 3rd level domain (ie crm.acme.com) with domain registrator, based on Atollon support instructions.

    Atollon Domain Settings

    You may enter 3rd level domain into Atollon (for instance crm.acme.com). New mailboxes will be added to this domain. The primary mail server must be set-up to forward individual (all) mailboxes to 3rd level domain. (Ie mailbox@acme.com should be forwarded to mailbox@crm.acme.com).

    Sending messages

    After mailboxes are created, it is appropriate to change identity of sender from Atollon. (Ie instead of mailbox@crm.acme.com new identity mailbox@acme.com should be set).

    Additional Settings

    System Technical Administrator (Atollon support) should set-up exception for 3rd level domain from rules of e-mail delivery (SPF Rules) for the primary server - the primary server must be added to trusted servers.

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