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New Print Template

    Adjust Existing Template

    Easiest method of creating new Print Template is adjusting any existing. Once you would like to change existing print template, you can request sample print template from Atollon.

    Print Templates are uploaded into Organization's default Contact Folder under Document Type = PrintTemplate and Document Category = CategoryName. List of available print categories (and therefore also supported print reports) are available at Print Template Types page.

    Available Print Templates

    There is growing list of available templates for printing various types of documents.

    Some Print Template Examples

    • Atollon Octopus
    • Invoice Issued
    • Credit Note
    • Sales Order
    • Advanced Time Sheet
    • Work Contract
    • Atollon Shark
    • Estimate
    • Atollon Lagoon
    • Time Sheet
    • General / Project / Activity Folders printing (printing Custom Forms)

    Download Print Templates

    Registered users may download print templates here. If you're not registered, you can do it now.

    Create Brand New Print Template

    This activity requires some coding, therefore more expert knowledge is necessary. See Mooring Templating Guide for more information.

    Create Custom Form Print Template

    Atollon supports special kind of Form Print Templates that allow you to prepare printouts that are editable by users before the actual print is generated. This allows you to prepare print form with unlimited number of form fiels. Filled-in form values are entered only into generated printout or PDF. Request Atollon Consultant for sample, if you are interested to implement this functionality.

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