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Technical FAQ

    Atollon technical FAQ tells you more about technology we use.

    What components form Atollon framework?

    Server side

    Atollon server is based on proven Atollon Server Platform technology that has been developed since 2001.

    Client side

    Atollon client is innovative-new WEB 2.0 application framework called Atollon Lagoon.

    Middle tier

    Atollon server and Atollon client are connected using Web services (SOAP) standards.

    Is the system open for enhancements?

    Both Atollon server and client are modular systems with open infrastructure. The server is accessible through Web services, client framework has its own plug-in system that enables external developers to create their own modules utilizing Atollon client framework.

    How does the off-line work?

    Atollon off-line version is work-in progress. Principle is the following: client side implementation includes the server-side framework that is installed on client machine. Application module mod.sync? takes care about synchronization between client side server and on-line (main) server.

    What data are synchronized off-line?

    • all core data that to which the user has read (list, view) rights
    • the selected application shared data (for instance those projects, in which the user is responsible)
    • all personal messaging data (including e-mails and their attachments)
    • none documents (only those that reside under messaging (activities)

    What are the system requirements?

    Server side

    The requirements for the server vary on load on the database and binary files storage needs.

    Generally, the following server hardware configuration is optimal for mid-sized company:

    Dual core processor

    4GB RAM

    Fast RAID field

    Preferred server operating system is Linux (core 2.6 and above). Tested distributions are: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat. System is also natively running under Mac OS X (including PowerPC servers).

    Client side

    For the Atollon Lagoon client, either Adobe AIR framework needs to be installed on the client machine, or Flash 9 or above under MS Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, etc. Any operating system is supported.

    • Workstation running the Atollon Lagoon client should have at least 256 MB RAM and approx. 10 MB additional space on the hard-drive.

    For the configuration purposes, MS Windows client application is required.

    • Workstation running the MS Windows client should have at least 256 MB RAM and approx. 50 MB additional space on the hard-drive.
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