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Atollon Server Platform

    Stable and proven application server framework, containing several features for running three-tier internet applications.

    The core modules

    Server modules are written in C++, the core modules are the following:

    ispserv - application server that takes care about all the other modules

    mod.tree - server tree module that holds administration tree structure

    mod.access - module that handles user / role / group access rights

    Application modules

    Iterity Server Platform contains also several application modules, for example:

    mod.messaging - messaging server that handles all internal communication

    mod.documentlibrary - module that stores documents (incl. e-mail attachments, for instance)

    mod.workflow - module that handles users actions in succesive steps

    mod.features - module that manages system set-up of views, forms, etc.

    mod.formgenerator - module that allows users to design their own system forms

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