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What is the added value of Atollon?

    Organized Enterprise

    There are more reasons, why organization needs to be organized. One of them might be growth, another might be quality assurance. If company wants to grow from micro over small and mid-sized to large scale organization, it needs to be scalable. In order to become scalable, it should have described or tracked processes. Atollon helps organizations scale due to natural process tracking.

    Information Sharing

    With Atollon, you get your team, clients and partners on the same page. Sharing information will increase quality, time to deliver and alignment with client's needs.

    Company History

    Any activity in the company is tracked, which creates company history. You can therefore report it for better management purpose and use is as learning resource for new employees and future decisions. You can re-use information even from employees that left the company.

    Unified Solution

    All applications are running in the same environment, you do not need to waste time integrating several tools (Groupware / Mail server, CRM, Billing & Invoicing, Project Management). Your time to get appropriate information gets reduced with zero integration costs.

    Routine Automator

    Selected company processes may be fully or semi-automatically executed by Atollon. This will improve time to response to your client's requests for sales & service activities and enhance your chance to succeed. In the same time you will increase productivity of your sales.

    Information Efficiency

    The same information should be entered into the system only once. You will save costs on administration.

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