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    Your business may have various needs in order to become effective in it's core activities. Because of the generic character of this document, we can't solve all your pains, this article is not comprehensive productivity guide. Below we will try to help you focus on details that matter.


    Getting Started (Planning)

    The goal of this chapter is to design Production Effectiveness Roadmap. It is a document, which should describe, what steps need to be undertaken to improve your business operations.

    Where you should start when planning your Production Effectiveness Roadmap? Based on your corporate strategy, you should understand, what are your targets and you should be able to draw what behavior and what processes will lead business to your targets.

    Process Mapping

    We suggest that you map your processes into diagram and find out actions that should be tracked using Atollon. To map your processes, you can use one of the various mind mapping tools, incl. Mindomo.

    Sample mind map that includes service delivery processes is mentioned below:

    Service Delivery.png

    Now draw the maps of your core processes. In chapters below, we will describe some typical use case scenarios and show you the way to track these in Atollon.

    Performance & Results Reports

    In order to customize Atollon to fit client's needs, we ussualy request our clients to provide us with reports that should be generated by Atollon system at the end of the implementation process. These reports may indicate where your processes may ussually stuck, so where you should focus, what you could improve, what people get overloaded.

    Influence Factors Analysis

    You should come up with a list of factors (processes or behaviour) that strongly influence your attainment of targets. This list will act as your priority checklist that you will use to order your steps of fine-tuning your business.

    Influence Factors Example

    Target Influence Factor Impact Cost of improvement Rank #
    High quality Quality verification process normal low 3
    Timely delivery Service preparation phase high low 2
    Timely delivery Capacity planning normal high 4
    Timely delivery Better communication with client high low 1
    Low Cost Service Automation high high 5
    Satisfied client Better communication with client normal low 1

    Your Productivity Influence Factors

    Cost, Time & Quality

    These are the factors and drivers of your production effectiveness. You should focus on balancing these in order to provide successful services.


    Atollon allows you to track budgeting & control cost properly in Professional Edition. You may set your project budgets & see how your profit grows or decreases even during the process itself. You can set-up Financial reporting as well to compare profitability of each of the projects as well as compare profitability of clients.


    There are several tools that help you get your projects done on time. In the end, all project activities lead tu fulfillment of Tasks. You may plan your time schedule in advance, you may create Tasks by Workflow module automatically, when some event occurs or you can create Task ad-hoc using Task templates.

    In order to track what tasks get delayed and whether you are on time with your job, you could prepare several reports indicating tasks approaching deadline, tasks that missed deadline, etc.


    You may improve quality by applying better validation / testing / verification schemes into your processes. You can utilize check-lists that lead your co-workers fulfill their tasks precisely, once the job is able to be structured. You may also create ad-hoc checklist using tasks itself and track quality of fulfillment of the task using Task Workflow. Task Workflow allows you to set-up verification procedures for each Type of Work differently.


    Atollon is suitable solution for companies that do not rely only on hard-coded and structured processes. Sometimes it is more important to track personally progress of your activities, projects or business cases and once something goes wrong, communicate. By tracking communication in contexts, you may reflect your colleague's error in early stage and fix it before any damages appear.

    Implementation Scenarios

    There are suggested patterns of implementation that are matched to real life needs. Take these for your inspiration when improving your processes.

    Contract Negotiation

    Success of the project, job, business case or long term service very much depends on how it has been set-up from the beginning. If this is your case, we suggest to separate Contract Negotiation as isolated process within your Sales Opportunity. We separate processes on Sales Opportunity projects as Activities. Therefore you may create new Activity Type called "Contract". If you have more than one type of contracts, you may create several Types and assign them all to Sales Opportunity project in Context Configuration tool.


    Set-Up Contract

    In order to set-up Contract, you may need to do the following steps:

    • Set-up Activity Type & define it's states (example: Draft, To be approved, Waiting for client, Confirmed)
    • Set-up Activity Custom Form & assign it to Activity Type

    The Activity Custom Form may contain several fields for your needs, incl. confirmation by involved people & verification checklist.

    See how to configure new Activity.

    Project Preparation

    One of the success factors of your Project or Business Case is also preparation of your job. This may include gathering data from client or 3rd parties, asking involved parties to confirm cooperation, booking time of people and other resources in calendar, verifying quality of provided material by client & 3rd parties, verifying availability of other resources needed for the project, informing client about upcoming steps, etc.

    Most of the job tasks seem obvious for experienced workers. But what happens once your experienced worker is not available? What happens, once experienced worker forgets some of the steps? You should be prepared to complete all these steps even with junior employees.

    In connection to Atollon, there might be more approaches combined. One is to set-up new project phase (again Activity) "Input Checklist", which will contain the Custom Form including various checkboxes & other data, as well as copy of the Project Brief (in the form of Memo field on Custom Form or Project Notes, Client's Requirements, Clients Schedule, etc. in the form of attached document).


    Project Execution

    During executing your job, project, business case or other kind of delivery, you may use generic Atollon tools to help you track project progress, incl. Project Custom Status, Activities (project Milestones) or Tasks. It might be important also to track communication (content & frequency) to see if the project is managed smoothly. You should make sure that you do not only watch your own duties, but also duties of all project participants, incl. your clients. Early warnings may strongly influence the project success.

    Project Overview

    The project overview tab may provide you with snap look on your current project status & activities.


    The structure of project phases (Milestones) very much depends on your business case. You may use the fact that each Project Type in Atollon may be configured differently, therefore also each service delivery, project or job will have different phases.

    Modifications & Extensions

    Your clients may find-out during the execution process, that they need something else as well (extension), they need to correct what you did (correction, fix) or they need to change their specification, because needs have changed (modification). Any change to the project delivery should be tracked, incl. mentioning reason why this change was done. Some changes may be paid by clients and therefore new budget should be agreed (extension, modification), some changes may be provided for free (correction, fix).

    Atollon supports adding new Activities under existing Activities, so once there is set of correction to existing project phases

    Project Verification

    This step is similar to verification of inputs (Input Checklist). You may create new Activity, using which you will track the testing / verification part of your job.

    Again, creating testing checklist might be wise if you want to be consistent in delivered quality.


    You should inform your client about ready work & deliver it. Either physically or digitally. Consider using Atollon's client extranet feature to deliver your digital content. Inviting your client into your own Atollon may increase your connection to the client.

    By the time we write this document, new Atollon client extranet is under heavy development.


    If you need to provide regular support to your client connected with previous job, you should rather consider creating new Project instead of just another Activity on the project.

    Always assign some responsible people to the Support project. This will help you in the future to assign tasks to your representatives, for example to check satisfaction with the delivery.

    Checking Satisfaction

    You should always ask your client, whether they were satisfied with your service. Implement this task into your habits. Ask your colleagues to frequently get feedback, even after the whole project was closed and paid.

    Request References

    Ask your clients to provide you with testimonials + give you tip on anyone, who could use your services in the future. Make sure you did so good job that your client will give you references with pleasure. Once you start using Atollon properly, you will implement the habbit of high-quality services as well as excellent communication into minds of your people. Your client must be amazed.

    Productivity Tools Overview

    See the illustration below displaying typical Atollon productivity tools.



    Project is core entity of your production / delivery process. Project must be placed on some Folder (Client, which is used in 90% of cases or Simple Folder, which is used in Construction / Engineering types of business).

    Project Custom Forms

    Custom Forms may be used to add any kind of general information about project (Project Brief), specific data required, etc. Once you prepare these fixed information for each of your Project Types properly, it will improve the way your colleagues gather information. Take the time and think about what should be added so that the quality of your service is improved.

    You may use 2 forms per each project, one based on Project Type and another based on Project Template. This is useful (for example) specially when you work for larger clients that require specific forms to be used for their purpose.

    Project Custom States

    States indicate mainly overall current status of the whole project. Add any states that would indicate projects in problems, so you can focus on these with priority.

    Project Responsible Users

    Your people are the key factor to project success. So make them responsible.


    In case it is vital for your business case to structure processes around the project / job / delivery, you should enable Activities to be created under the project. The higher demand for quality, the more granular your Activites should be.

    Activities are part of the context, and therefore they may hold communication, documents, tasks, time sheet, etc. See more details on how to configure Activities.

    Activity Custom Forms

    Activity Custom Form may help you track your Activity / Project progress using checklists. Create new Custom Form for your key project / delivery phases and equip it with checkboxes, combo fields, list fields, edit fields, etc. to track anything important regarding your project / delivery phase.

    Activity States

    Indicate whether your project / delivery phase is completed, whether it's stuck, etc. using Activity States. It's just a simple indicator of where you are in executing your job.


    Tasks are one of the core productivity improvement components. You may create new Task ad-hoc (manually), using Task Template, or you could create Task automatically, once some event in Atollon occured (Atollon Workflow: requires Atollon Professional Edition).

    Tasks may be commented, you can attach documents to tasks, tasks can be assigned to other solvers, you can predefine Tasks states to be handled by various roles in your system (Task Workflow).

    Type of Work

    Types of Work help you when customizing Task behaviour (in relation to Task Workflow). Type of Work is used as well to measure statistics about work of users in general.

    Task Custom States

    Task Custom State indicates current working / approval / confirmation / delivery status of each individual Task.

    Task Workflow

    Task Workflow is used to customize delivery flow of Task among several user roles. Each Task Workflow Role may be assigned with various (different) Task Custom States available in any current Task Custom State.


    Task is In Progress state, therefore:

    a) Consultant can set Waiting for someone else or Completed states

    b) Task Supervisor may set Reassigned Task State

    Another Task is in Completed state:

    a) Consultant can not do anything about this Task

    b) Task Supervisor may set to Reassigned or Approved states

    Sample Task Workflow

    Below you can find very simple Task workflow for approving results of Task by Task Supervisor


    Task Templates

    Task Templates allow you quickly create routine tasks that need to be frequently delivered. Using Task Template, you may preset criteria such as Type of Work, Deadline, Recurrence (Task will be repeated each X days, weeks, months, etc.)


    Messages help deliver & store your communications within the project, job, service delivery execution. Messages may store most of your important project details, therefore it's wise to focus your production effectiveness focus here as well.

    Custom Message Types

    If needed, you may add more Message Custom Types to Atollon. They are just extension to any existing Message Base Type (e-mail, sms, notice, document, phone call, meeting notes).

    Custom Message Type may help you more precisely organize your content, you may want to store different Notices, such as Meeting Notes, Agenda, Ideas or you may want to send e-mails such as Proposal, Contract, etc.

    Message Templates

    Atollon currently supports Message Templates for either sending e-mails or sending auto-generated notifications (such as Event/Task Created, Event/Task Modified, etc.).

    Message Templates are organized in Message Template containers, which can be created using Atollon Directory only.

    Measuring Progress

    Once you identified influence criteria and implemented some of the performance improvement tools, you shoud start measuring.

    a) Measure current performance
    b) Set-up targets for the performance
    c) Repeat and verify the trends

    Measuring Key performance indicators (KPIs)?

    Once you have not yet build your KPIs, it might be good time now to think about these. KPIs should be build to support your organization strategy / vision. Think if it's ok for you to consult construction of your KPIs with people that influence the performance (KPI) the most. Influencers that are aligned with the KPI and believe the impact of the KPI, will be motivated to higher performance.

    See the Reporting howto to get idea on how you can create your reports.

    In case you need help with the set-up, do not hesitate to contact us.

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