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    Please read below our list of features to be added or improved within particular Atollon products. Please note that this list is neither obligatory, nor comprehensive. Indicated deadlines are just rough estimate and may change during the year.

    Year 2017 Milestones

    Atollon Lagoon (Productivity & Collaboration Platform)

    Automated Atollon Lagoon Deployment

    We're going to fully automate deployment of Atollon Lagoon. This will streamline sales process of Atollon Lagoon instances. We will also allow our partners to create new Atollon Lagoon instances without our involvement.

    Merging Atollon Touch & Lagoon Accounts

    We plan to add single sign-on technology that should help Atollon Lagoon users login using Atollon Touch user access.

    Completed Milestones

    Atollon Touch

    Request Tracking Aggregator (completed)

    Atollon.com RTS will help you radically improve customer service.

    This functionality is to be released in August, 2012.

    It is going to be one of the last brand new products for next several months from now. We understand we provide incomparable more features than our competitors, but we need to improve and streamline existing functionality before we can add any new products to our portfolio.

    Atollon Lagoon (Productivity & Collaboration)

    MS Outlook Calendar & Task Synchronization (completed)

    We have started the development of new version of calendar and task synchronization. Current MS Windows client calendar sync is not optimal (you need to run MS Win client) and we need to make our commitments to current clients in the PIM (Personal Information Management) synchronization projects.

    Contacts Management

    We're going to streamline experience of users with contacts. Part of contact components have been rewritten already and are used in Lagoon, we're expecting to do the same for core contacts module.

    Atollon Desk (Service Management)

    SLA Management (completed)

    We are going to release brand new version of our Service Level Agreement management system, which will help your organization track all incoming and outgoing requests and notify responsible people, once the request is not accepted or finished on time. This functionality is completely integrated to our new Atollon.com Request Tracking Aggregator.

    Atollon Recruitment (Recruitment & TH)

    Document / CV Parsing (completed)

    We are going to deliver integration with existing CV parsing solution to recognize the contents of document (CV) and to pre-fill contact data as well as applicant's profile.

    Job Advertisement on Job Portals (partially completed)

    We are going to integrate 3rd party solution for advertising Vacancies on job portals. Currently, it is possible to implement public list of Vacancies in XML form, which is part of our web promo (HTML) features that clients can put on their web sites.

    Atollon Lagoon (Billing & Invoicing)

    Product Price Lists (completed)

    In cooperation with our existing clients, we are going to improve functionality of Products Catalog. New price lists for products will be added to make your pricing of products and services easier. You will get option to create new Price List based on other price lists (add discounts, margin, etc.)

    More Productive Estimate Creation (completed)

    We work on improving the way Estimates are created in Atollon. Until now, you needed to add items one-by-one. With new multi-product-add feature, you will be able to create new Estimate for your clients much faster.

    Atollon Workshop (Project Management)

    Resource Capacity Planning (completed)

    In cooperation with our clients, who are actively involved in the development of Capacity Planning, we prepare new features, extending the Atollon Workshop application. Resource Capacity Planning features will provide Project Managers, Operational Workers and Company Management features to effectively plan & utilize work time.

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