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    If you are unfamiliar with one of the terms specified in Atollon Wiki, Knowledge Base or documentation, please find your term below. In case you would like to explain more terms, please send them to us using contact form.


    Atollon is digital island, virtual desktop environment to manage small and medium sized businesses. Atollon comprises core functionality (Lagoon) that is useful to any Small and Medium Enterprise and may be extended by more or less advanced applications, focused on solving needs of various industries (Professional Services, Engineering, Recruitment, ...) and functional areas (Sales, Marketing, Support, Project Management, ...).

    Atollon Company

    Atollon Company is expanding group of legal entities taking care about development, testing, consulting & operating Atollon instances over several countries & regions. More information about Atollon Company may be found here: http://www.atollon.com/about

    External User

    External users are your contacts that are allowed to have access to the system.

    By default, External Users have access to most of the information available on assigned Project. Once you create new External User and assign the user on the project to External User Role, he/she will see all communication, documents & tasks (based on set-up of access rights of each user) as well as some other information.

    Before using this feature, we suggest you to test & check, whether by allowing external users enter your Atollon, you do not provide sensitive information or information, which you would not like to be shown. Please consult Atollon if you would like to customize access rights for these users.

    Atollon provides (within defined limits) External Users access for free. Conditions for access of External Users may change over time, as we are going to limit the number of functions to be used by External Users, mainly from security reasons.

    Islander (Power User)

    In general, it is any Atollon inhabitant / user. Islander has one of the Atollons as home islands, there he acts as Power User. Islander may also visit some other Atollons, where he/she acts as External User. External users are verified to Atollon using Atollon.com certification authority.

    Atollon Business Growth Managers

    Group for entrepreneurs and leaders that want to secure the growth of their companies. See group details on LinkedIn.


    Atollon Server Platform running in client's premises or in any premises outside of Atollon.com own network / hosting infrastructure. In on-site mode, client is usually fully responsible for complete maintainance of the solution, including performance, back-ups, monitoring, security protection, etc.


    Software-as-a-Service is mode of operation of any information system that is provided usually online (from "cloud"). Atollon is provided in cloud service Atollon.com. Benefit of SaaS is that the technical system operation burden lies on Provider, not the Customer. Provider must take care about performance, scalability, regular back-up, security protection, operating systems maintainance and administration, etc.

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