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Win client



    download package from download.atollon.com/[packagename]

    username: download

    password: download

    If you dont know what files are available check /var/www/download.atollon.com/web folder on server sepia.atollon.com 

    If you don't have access than contact someone from atollon who has.

    install it

    Install WinClient for Mac

    download download.atollon.com/AtollonWorkshop.zip. (login download/download). Run the .app inside.

    WinClient usage info: Connecting to server: For concrete server (e.g. motorboat.atollon.com) you can get ports info runing "mirage list-ports" whil logged in (ssh) on that server.

    Connection settings

    For comfortable access is need to edit start.xml file in instalation folder.
    • for windows is basically in c:\Program Files\Atollon\Atollon Workshop
    • for Mac on icon right click Options > Show in Finder, then right click on icon Show Package Contents > then in path Contents > Resources > drive_c > winebottler > start.xml
    In start.xml edit following line:
    <CONNECTION  name="YourCompanyName"  address="your.server.adress.cz"  username=""  password=""  port=""  sslport="portNumber"  usessl="1"  gui="gui_default"  modules="modules_default"  />

    Connection details are available on request from Atollon.

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