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Sending message

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    Moved to: https://help.atollon.com/books/system-administration/page/sending-messages

    You can select  message template and type of message (supported types are notice and message in present).

    Users from contact is available for email, becauce notice can not be sent to them.

    In message template you can use specific symbols, which are replaced by corresponding content.

    Eg. If in content of message is "${DESCRIPTION} " , it can be replaced by comment from task. List of this symbols is written bellow:

    When message action is evoked from event/task:

    Name Meaning
    ${NAME} Event/task title
    ${DESCRIPTION} Comment
    ${LOCATION} Location
    ${DURATION} Duration (used from task)
    ${USERS} List of users
    ${TYPEOFWORK} Type of work
    ${STATUS} Event/task status
    ${START} Starting time
    ${END} End of event/ Task deadline
    ${CONTEXT} Context
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