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Starting with workflow

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    Workflow is automatization of processes in system.

    Basic priciple

    How does it work?

    Workflow is watching change (create,update) on objects.  If some change matches with workflow setting, workflow will run it's actions.

    A different kind is time-managed workflow. Admin will set period, how often will be workflow lanunched. It will take all objects that match the filter in workflow setting and run actions assigned to it.

    Workflow Setting structure

    Each workflow contains name, description and important switch "Workflow is active", which makes workflow enabled/disabled.

    There are three types of workflow settings:

    • At Update - workflow is checked, when some object is changing
    • At Create - worfklow is checked, when some object is creating
    • Managed by time - workflow runs in some period, which will pick object that fits to filter


    At update 

    Workflow setting is composed from:

    • Filter after change 
    • Chagned fields
    • Filter before change
    • Actions

    At create

    Workflow setting is composed from

    • Filter
    • Actions

    Managed by time

    Workflow setting is composed from:

    • Filter
    • Execution interval
    • Actions


    How does it exactly works

    Base of all is object like Timesheet, Project, Folder, Task etc. Each object is assigned to some module. Eg. Timesheet is in module scheduler, Folder is in module Project and so on.  These objects defines, what filters can be used for filtering.

    Best practice how to explain behaving of workflow is to show example on it.

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