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Workflow objects

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    This page contains list of objects, that can be used in workflow as source of actions.

    Some objects in system are represented by the same object in workflow like Event and Task.

    First level of list is module, second is object, the third is the definition of types (col_type).

    • Scheduler
      • Timesheet
      • Event / Task 
    • Project
      • Folder
      • Project
      • Activity
    • Contact
      • Contact
    • Form
      • globalform (form.globalform)
      • customform (form.customform)
    • Access
      • User
    • Finance
      • Invoice / Order
    • Messages
      • mail
        • msgtype
        • msgstatus
        • msgmailbox: id of mailbox of the recipient
        • msgcustomtype: msg_messages.customtype->msg_messages_customtype


    Do you wan more about workflow?: Starting with workflow

    Practical example of workflow: Workflow in 10 minutes

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