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Events Access Rights

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         default right for listing event is that user, who is listing events,

    must have rights list to whole context, which is assigned to event.


    If default node "USERACLEVENTNODE" is not set in organization defaults, it means to check rights by default.

    How to set specific right to specific user:

    1. Create in organization tree under "Access administration" new node named "Events rights template"
    2. In Organization default, set this node to "USERACLEVENTNODE". It causes:
      • in event listing, check rights from "Users evenr rights".
      • if user has not defined right "Users evenr rights", take this right from "Users time sheet rights"
    3. In Settings > Access > Users select select and edit user.
    4. Click on Events rights.
      • in case, when user was created without separated acls, application will warn you, if you are sure you want to create new acl(because this change is irreversible)
    5. Set rights to specifig user.

    So default filter will be extend about this right checking.

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