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Set-Up Mail Domain


    This guide will show you how to enter Atollon Windows Client and set-up your Mail Domain.

    Open Windows Client and Login


    In order to set-up Mail Domain, you should login to Windows client. Please request Atollon support if you do not have your installation of Atollon Windows client yet. From Atollon Support, you may also get Address of your server as well as SSL Port, which you must fill-in before login to Windows Administrative interface.
    Once you fill-in server Address, SSL port, your User Name and Password to Atollon on Login screen, you can Login to the administration client.

    Open Mail Settings > Domains


    Go to Settings > Mail > Domains to open the Domains administration. Below the Domains administration, you can also find Mailboxes administration.

    Create New Domain


    To add new domain, just click on New, fill-in the Domain Name field.

    In case Atollon acts as Primary Mail server, write in the full domain name (based on domain you own): company.com
    In case Atollon acts as Secondary Mail server, write in the 3rd level domain name: crm.company.com

    Next steps:
    Set-Up Mailboxes
    Set-Up Domain MX Records

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