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Extranet Development Example

    This example describes elementary functions to use when trying to register new system user/contact from external applications.


    •     see Login for more details
    •     you need user access with appropriate rights in order to manipulate / read system data
    •     root user is super user, but it is not adviced to use this for the purpose of new extranet user registration

    Create business / personal contact

    Understanding concept

    The contact itself is formed from several entities, which are linked, and together form business / personal contact.

    Used contact entities are:

    Where business contact forms:

    •     company contact
    •     contact folder (bound to company contact ID)
    •     user
    •     person contact (bound to company contact ID and user ID)

    Where personal contact forms:

    •     user
    •     person contact (bound to user ID)
    •     contact folder (bound to person contact ID)


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