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    Candidate form

        Name, Surname - title, name, surname

    •         Stored in entity Person, module Contact - CreateContact.
    •         With creating new contact, it's need to create candidate directory - entity Folder, module Project - CreateSimpleFolder.
    •         To create Candidate upon Folder, run once function ListCandidateFolder. It creates Candidate, if he doesn't exist.
    •         List of existing candidates - ListFolder or GetContactList or AdvancedSearch.
    •         Getting details of candidate - GetFolder.

        Citizenship - Czech rep., Slovak rep., EU, out of EU

    •          Stored in entity Candidate, module Recruitment.
    •          To list citizenship, use "list" attribute with "nationality" value in ListContactList.

        Contact information - street, city, postcode, phone number, e-mail

    •           Stored in entity Person, module Contact.
    •           To list location possibilities, use ListCity, ListZip, ListRegion, ListCountry functions.
    •           To list contact types (phone, e-mail, pager, etc.), use "list" attribute with "contacttype" value in ListContactList.

        Education - grade, branch

        Languages - language, certificate

    •           Stored in entity Candidate, module Recruitment - NewCandidateLanguages.
    •           Languages are listed by ListLanguages function from module Translate. Language skill has three categories - verbal, writing, reading.
    •           Levels of language skill are numeric dials - ListVerbalSkills, ListWritingSkills, ListReadingSkills.
    •           Certificate is possible to add as text note.

        Skills - PC, HW, SW knowledge, driving license

    •           Stored in entity Candidate, module Recruitment - NewCandidateSkills.
    •           Skills are two-leveled in our system: Skill (group of skills) > Subskill (skill), (e.g. Programming > C++).
    •           To every subskill it's possible to append lasting of skill, year of last usage of skill, grade of knowledge and text description.
    •           Skills and subskills are numeric dials - use functions ListSkills, ListSubSkills.
    •           To list skill grades - ListGrades.

        Career requirements - demanded salary, location, branch

    •           Stored in entity Candidate, module Recruitment.
    •           Salary - "canSalary" attribute - ListCandidateFolder.
    •           For save candidate's desired position jobfield (branch) / position / grade use CreateDesiredPosition.
    •           For save location use NewCandidateLocations function. List of location possibilities - ListRegion, ListCountry, ListCity.

        Saving CV - doc, pdf

    •           There's used module Document Library, entity Document - SaveDocument.

    Filled-out form for candidate is saved to his Folder.

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