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CreateContact function

    Table of contents

    from main.wsdl


    •    treeHandle: use "node" from WWWCONTACTSNODE or CONTACTNODE (ORGRANIZATION -> DEFAULTS -> DEFAULT) from Login function
    •    name1 (it's surname for person or name of company)



    •     validFrom, validTo - date of contact validation; format 1984-12-03T00:00:00
    •     name2, name3 - mid name and first name for PERSON only
    •     PERSONINFO

              sex: 1 - male, 2 - female, 0 - not inserted

              maritalStatus: 1 - single, 2 - married, 3 - divorced, 4 - widow

              preferedLang - ListLanguages

              nationality - ListContactList with list=nationality


              legalForm - ListContactList with list=companylegalform

    •     INDUSTRY

              industry - ListContactList with list=industry

    •     ADDRESS

              type - ListContactList with list=contacttype

              region - ListRegion

              city - ListCity

              country - ListCountry

              zip - ListZip

    •     CONTACT

              type - id from ListContactList with list=contacttype

              typeType - type from ListContactList with list=contacttype

    •     DGROUPS -> DGROUP

              id - ListDistributionGroup

    •     EMPLOYEE

              id - GetContactList

              positionInfo - description of that position

              position - ListContactList with list=position

              department - ListContactList with list=department

              isPrimary - primary employment

    •     RELATION

              contact - GetContactList

              relation - ListContactList with list=relationtype_p for PERSON or list=relationtype_c for COMPANY

    Add file (picture) to contact - ContactDataTransfer.


    Duplicity check

    Before contact creation server verifies if the new contact is unique or not. For this duplicity check the folowing rules are used:

    • Company
      • unique name
      • unique Reference Number (ičo)
      • VAT number is validated only if there is no Referene Number
      • Old ID of company has to be unique
    • Person
      • unique email
      • unique mobile phone (the phone number is normalized, so hte gaps are removed, also +420)
      • unique OldId of person



    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:wsdl="http://atollon.com/enterprise/wsdl">


    <persistency-response operationId='CreateContact'>
    <atollon:CreateContactResponse xmlns:atollon="http://iterity.com/enterprise/wsdl" xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">


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