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    Invoice payment status

    Payment status (and toBePaid value) of each individual invoice is calculated based on the following alternative ways of tracking invoice payments:

    • Paired payment transactions
    • Synchronization of payments sum with external system
    • Manual entering payment information

    Please note that above methods should preferably not be mixed together on the same invoice. Each invoice should be either paid by pairing transactions, or using sync method or entered manually.

    Payment Status

    Payment status status is calculated information that you may get on getInvoice or listInvoice functions.

    paymentStatus field is int with values:

    0 (Unknown), 1 (Paid), 2 (Unpaid), 4 (Overdue), 8 (Overpaid), 16 (Partially paid)

    Actual value of remaining invoice payment is mentioned in toBePaid field.

    Pairing payment transactions

    Invoice toBePaid value is calculated based on total invoice value incl. VAT, where payment transactions are deducted. Payment transactions are created by CreateEntry function. Payment transaction and VATTitle = S transaction on invoice should have same pairingKey. pairingSum is calculated by server and represents pending sum of transactions per pairingKey (and should be equivalent to invoice remainder calculated only from transactions).

    Synchronization of payments sum

    Invoice object has numeric field paidSync, which can be used to enter sum of payments from other (synchronized) accounting system.

    Manual entering payments

    Invoice object has numeric field paidManual, which can be used to track payments manually entered by users in Lagoon client app.

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