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SoapUI in Atollon enviroment

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    - download at http://www.soapui.org/

    • for the first use of SoapUI click File -> New WSDL Project and fill first cell with whatever name of project and second cell with for example http://soap.atollon.com/main.wsdl; click OK
    • under binding, with name same as WSDL file, are listed WSDL funtions and their requests (default name Request 1)
    • for update WSDL from server, right-click on binding and then 'Update Definition'
    • double click on 'Request 1', in XML editor delete all <!--Optional:--> tags from request and replace '?' to your values
    • main function for atollon server is 'Login' or 'QuickLogin' from 'main.wsdl'; you need this function primary for getting session value
    • for getting response is important proper endpoint of server - e.g. https://lagoon-01.atollon.com/axis2/services/atollon; check this address in cell above XML editor with request; click on the green arrow on the left from this cell and server will return response
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