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Lagoon Release Week Changes

    Updates of Atollon Touch business communication tool can be found at Touch Release Week Changes.


    Major update

    • New generation client side framework
      • This update contains migration to new development framework that brings more than just better visual expressions, but also possibility to run the application outside browser as a stand-alone application, future versions should also bring support for mobile and tablet devices, such as iPad and Android tablets (Windows 10 tablets are supported already). New stand-alone Atollon Lagoon should also provide several improvements, incl. better HTML support in e-mails, more comfortable file handling, etc.

    New Features

    • Access: New access rights inheritance developed for higher flexibility of access rights settings
    • Contacts: Added communication history to contact detail
    • Recruitment: New Job/Vacancy Promotion Tool
    • Recruitment: New XML Feed for Vacancy Promotion
    • Recruitment: New API for Applicant import from online tools
    • Reporting: Added new reports on management finance / transaction controlling
    • Workflow: New server side add-ons with workflow support (enable custom apps on Atollon server)


    • Access: Added configuration of access rights to missing parts of modules
    • Billing: Improved billing view (custom columns, etc.)
    • Contact: Copy contact details to clipboard function added
    • Contact: Contact detail completely reworked and improved
    • Contact: Added full support for domestic + foreign bank account information
    • Forms: Added new components: Document link and User link (add document or user reference to your custom forms, incl. reporting support)
    • Invoice: Changed rounding of Received Invoices to 2-decimals
    • Invoice: Added support for domestic + foreign bank account information
    • Invoice: Approval process with manual selection of any number of approvers
    • Invoice: Invoice filters saved automatically
    • Invoice: Added payment reference field into invoice header
    • Invoice: Filter invoices by approvers
    • Invoice: Show history of changes in invoice header's custom fields
    • Invoice: Show history of attachments changes
    • Invoice: Several improvements in OCR functionality
    • Invoice: When rejecting invoice, comment is required
    • Invoice: Require unique approvers in multi-step invoice approval process
    • Invoice: Approval process now supports restraints (only partial value of invoice can be approved)
    • Invoice: It's possible to change transaction owner now
    • Recruitment: Added submit & open button to streamline user flow
    • Recruitment: Filtering for users responsible for CV import, possibility to change the user(s)
    • Recruitment: Several tweaks of GUI on Applicant profile
    • Recruitment: Drag & drop CVs from e-mail to CV parsing tool
    • Recruitment: CV Inbox now support importing applicant locations
    • Reporting: Added transactions and dimensions into management finance reporting
    • Time Sheet: Save new entry by pressing Ctrl + Enter (or Cmd + Enter on Apple)

    Bug Fixes

    • Invoice: Fixed several issues with VAT selection and calculation
    • Invoice: Recalculation of To be paid value on invoice header
    • Invoice: Fixed displaying several attachments
    • Invoice: Changed the way of OCR document confirmation
    • Recruitment: Several fixes for CV Inbox Applicant import tool
    • Time Sheet: Correct type of work selection fixed


    New Features

    • Invoice: New Communication & Approvals progress overview


    • Invoice: New Invoice Custom Fields configuration added


    • Invoice: Next approver may be selected manually


    • Recruitment: Saving PDF file + images from LinkedIn profile during CV Import
    • Finance: New finance transaction reporting (revenues and costs)



    • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to assign Roles into Folder, Project and Activity Types


    • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to add Folder, Project & Activity Numbering
    • Invoice: Billing Date now applied into automated billing process from Product, Order to Invoice
    • Invoice: Waiting for... displaying current invoice approval in progress
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to select several approvers in the next step


    • Invoice: New "Send Invoice" tool that automatically selects invoice template & recipients


    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice authorization by PIN code
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice approval by invoice value
    • Invoice Settings: It's possible to copy Journals
    • Recruitment: New CV profile merge features have self-learning capabilities
    • Recruitment: New CV import tool is much faster now
    • Recruitment: Upload CV (and drag & drop) now works on one click
    • Recruitment: CV Import now preserves the original CV document (stores it in the Applicant Folder)
    • Recruitment: Many User Interface improvements to the new Applicant Search tool 
    • Sales: Estimates & Sales Orders now require selection of project
    • Sales: Sales Orders may now automatically generate Billing Requests (after the Sales Order is approved)

    Bug Fixes

    • Access: Now it's required to create new contact when creating new User
    • Forms: Fixed several issues when creating form values with New project wizard
    • Messages: Forward messages does not forget original e-mail address
    • Recruitment: Fixed sorting of Sub-skills in recruitment search tool
    • Recruitment: Fixed various search criteria in Applicant Search
    • Recruitment: Proper language sorting
    • Recruitment: Fixed loading applicant search from Vacancy details 
    • Recruitment: Many fixes and improvements of CV import tool


    New Features

    • Finance: New sales premium calculation set-up
    • Invoices: Support for new received draft invoices (OCR)
    • Printing: Added support for MS Word templates
    • Products: New custom fields support


    • Recruitment: Applicant search completely rewamped (support for multi-select criteria)


    • Recruitment: New centralized CV import tool added with HR-XML support



    • Finder: Folder created by & date/time, modified by & date/time visible


    • Invoices: Improved approving issued draft invoices
    • Maps: Improved searching for locations
    • Products: New products import features (more flexible, incl. custom fields)
    • Products: Filtering by custom fields
    • Products: Filtering by product Ref. No.
    • Products: List existing transactions support (history of the product sales)
    • Recruitment: Improved search in positions list
    • Recruitment: Improved searching for applicants by locations
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: exclude company type (ie exclude our clients's applicants)
    • Recruitment: Adjusted employer criteria search (use only primary employers)
    • Recruitment: New notification about pending applicant profile update (from Talent Source)
    • Recruitment: Now applicant search results may be ordered (by relevance, name or last update date)
    • Recruitment: Applicant source/referral from field now available from main profile view
    • Recruitment: New attachments support for CV import tool
    • Talent Source: Improved notification about Talent Source & Recruitment connection

    Bug Fixes

    • Contact: Preview component layout fixed
    • Contact: Improved listing performance when large distribution groups employed
    • Forms: Fixed access rights when creating new form folders & forms
    • Invoice: Fixed listing invoice attachments
    • Recruitment: Fixed saving employment history when several users working on the same profile
    • Recruitment: Duplicate rows removed in applicant search results
    • Sales Opportunity: Probability value saving fixed on field escape


    New Features

    • Talent Source: Added LinkedIn integration support


    • Calendar: Improved layout of the calendar sync accounts
    • Forms: Added support for large forms (over 100 fields, with extensive layout)
    • Forms: Added support to use form data in prints
    • Invoice: Validation for Tax Date (- 15 days) removed for Received Invoices
    • Reporting: Enhanced filtering options - added "Current User" filter to all Users field
    • Recruitment: Added custom translations of any fields, incl. Selection Procedure States
    • Recruitment: New "Quick Add" tool for creating employers (new companies)
    • Recruitment: Added feature to export Skills - Subskills
    • Recruitment: Language Skills improved - removed Verbal/Reading skills if not required
    • Recruitment: Added new tool to mass-update applicant's skills
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: search candidates by consultant (responsible user)
    • Recruitment: Various improvements in applicant profile
    • Recruitment: Now Skills - Subskills - Grades fully editable using web client
    • Sales: Sales opportunity form improved
    • Time Sheet: Layout of the form improved

    Bug Fixes

    • Calendar: New synchronization accounts now sync also previous history of events
    • Forms: forms view - several bug fixes
    • Recruitment: Creating Selection Procedure (add Applicant to Vacancy) now sets Initial Project Status properly
    • Recruitment: Adding Skills - Subskills now more reliable on large instances
    • Recruitment: Adding Employers - fixed occasional save failure
    • Recruitment: Search applicants on multiple OR criteria fixed


    New Features

    • Calendar: Server side Google Calendar synchronization


    • Calendar: Server side Office.com & MS Exchange synchronization
    • Contact: Checking validation of VAT Number (VEIS)


    • Forms Designer: Brand new custom forms designer


    • Invoice: Customizable multi-level invoice approvals


    • Maps: New options to create custom geographical views on clients or projects and sales


    • Recruitment: Vacancy web promotion - introduced full HTML support (incl. images in ads)


    • Reporting: New reports designer and brand new report types



    • Call centre: New version of integration to IP Telephony from Spinoco
    • Messaging: New/improved HTML preview component
    • Messaging: HTML mails performance optimized
    • Messaging: Drag & drop moving e-mails and messages into context (folders & projects)
    • Forms Designer: New client & server side forms design
    • Forms Designer: Forms scripting / custom programming
    • Forms Designer: Many improvements over existing forms functionality
    • Forms Desginer: Date fields supported in scripting
    • Forms Designer: New drag & drop layouts
    • Forms Designer: New option to link any other form's data
    • Forms Designer: New option to add system data listing (folders)
    • Finder: Added geographical location of Client, Project, Activity
    • Invoice: Filter invoices based on Tracking variables in Controlling
    • Invoice: Each Journal now has custom Invoice Status settings
    • Invoice: Each Journal and Invoice Status may be configured with approvers
    • Invoice: Show transaction description & name in invoice overview (as custom columns)
    • Invoice: Show tracking variables from controlling in invoice preview (as custom columns)
    • Invoice: Easier possibility to (ESC)ape editing records in tree mode
    • Invoice: External number is now required for Received Invoices
    • Products: New import / export functions
    • Products: Possibility to add images / show image gallery of products
    • Projects: Improved performance of projects listing
    • Recruitment: Search for salary incl./excl. filled-in salary (switch)
    • Recruitment: Search for education and language incl./excl. evaluation
    • Recruitment: Applicant profile 2.0 (employments, languages, ...) editing simplified


    • Reporting: Added Activity custom form and RefId into report results
    • Reporting: Optional multi-organization reporting now hard-coded
    • Reporting: Added backward compatibility to report on old-style custom forms
    • Task: Added new option to Call from task for Call centre processes

    Bug Fixes

    • Contacts: Bank property adding fixed
    • Documents: Fixed duplicated view of first documents
    • Finder: Fixed editing Activity details, which were sometimes disabled
    • Invoice: Fixed problem with first-time loading VAT list
    • Invoice: Fixed copying invoices with all needed attributes
    • Reporting: Fixed Role selection in reports
    • Reporting: Fixed reporting for states in Master project reporting
    • Reporting: Fixed proper loading of filter criteria
    • Reporting: Fixed adding report results with custom field names into Dashboard
    • Reporting: Fixed realoading (new) reports


    New Features

    • Recruitment: New Contractor applicant profile with manday rate


    • Billing: Now it's possible to add rule "For each project" to invoice each project separately
    • Calendar: New calendar switch for users (own groups, easy switching between calendars)
    • Contacts: Added time indication of contact modification (for sync purposes)
    • Contacts: Different (invoice) address types for person / company allowed
    • Finder: Now it's possible to create new branch (client) sub-folder (for clients with several branches)
    • Finder: Moving folders in Finder allowed (not for projects or activities)
    • Finder: New project wizard supported and improved (switch Simple / Advanced in Project Templates)
    • Finder: Filter logic changed (now possible to filter for folders, projects & activities separately)
    • Finder: View option for folder, project, activity number to be displayed
    • General: Added country codes in listing countries
    • General: Support for simple instance URL (instancename.atollon.com)
    • Invoice: Sorting invoices, filtering by External Number allowed
    • Invoice: Several performance optimizations
    • Invoice: Views improved (new states colors, sorting, storing custom columns, column sizes, ...)
    • Invoice: For approval view filters improved (more for approval states allowed)
    • Invoice: Tracking categories & accounts fulltext search added
    • Invoice: Added actual (PDF) invoice preview in For approval mode
    • Invoice: Added customizable columns view
    • Invoice: Added mass-change function to change Invoice status
    • Invoice: Status Billed is available to admin users only (needed to fix possible sync errors)
    • Invoice: Option to select Supplier's bank account from contacts
    • Invoice: Copy invoice now supports all atributes
    • Invoice: It's possible to select user / contact on behalf of Supplier or Customer
    • Invoice: Option to manually enter resulting transaction VAT
    • Messages: Attachments improved (several lines, resizing)
    • Messages: Added function to Empty Trash (remove all messages from trash)
    • Products: New option to set-up custom fields in Estimate, Invoice, Order based on Product Type settings
    • Products: Added Custom Lists / Codebooks
    • Products: Added Product Types settings (add/remove product types)
    • Projects & Folders: Sorting folders, projects and activities allowed
    • Projects & Folders: New activity simplified
    • Projects & Folders: Enabled deleting multiple activities
    • Recruitment: Added support of currencies into required salary field
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: candidate status, type and contractor manday rate
    • Recruitment: Added responsible contact details into Vacancy printout
    • Recruitment: Switch Applicant to Contractor
    • Reports: Added filtering for (decimal) value ranges from .. to
    • Reports: Added filtering for contacts, distribution groups, references, industry, preferred language
    • Reports: Added filtering for position, department, country, region
    • Reports: Added possibility to reload the changed report
    • Task bar: Cosmetic improvements (logos, icons)
    • Time Sheet: New XLS report output
    • Time Sheet: Performance optimizations
    • Time Sheet: New printout options (users full name)
    • Time Sheet: Export is formating values properly for further processing in Excel
    • Time Sheet: Easy splitting Time Sheet record for chargeable / non-chargeable hours

    Bug Fixes

    • Billing: Now multiple organizations may be set / non-set for billing
    • Billing: Fixed several issues in controlling / management finance
    • General: Fixed forms closing behavior (save unsaved changes in all opened forms)
    • Invoice: Currency exchange rates validity (period from .. to) fixed
    • Products: Applying proper price (in various currencies and price lists) even in product bundles
    • Messages: Deleting messages from trash now stable (off-peak time)



    • Call Centre: Enabled auto-login to PBX after user's login into the system
    • Time Sheet: Printing Time Sheet records now enable displaying totals of just chargeable work when printing all records
    • Time Sheet: Fixed formatting of numeric fields in export (for calculations in spreadsheet SW)
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set Tax value manually (even though it may still be calculated)
    • Invoice: It's possible to select analytical account on invoice record (used for further exporting into accounting sw)
    • Invoice: It's possible to change management controlling on multiple invoice records at the same time
    • Invoice/Estimate: Now it's possible to sort order of records on invoice or estimates
    • Invoice: Various improvements and fixes in invoice / estimate calculation
    • Finance: Now everywhere analytical account codes + names are visible
    • Recruitment: Listing public web vacancies allow sort by Valid From

    Bug Fixes

    • Contact: Saving distribution groups in contact detail now more reliable agains user mistake
    • Time Sheet: When Time Sheet records are locked (for X working days back), it's not possible to change chargeability from the grid
    • Invoice: When adding transactions into invoice, correct analytics account (sales / purchase) is added based on Product
    • Projects & Folders: Fixed listing Folders from Folders view
    • Form Values: Access rights to project / folder forms are now inherited and checked when accessing/updating forms
    • Print Templates: Now large Django-based print templates work properly


    New features

    • New module: Atollon Call Centre
    • Billing: New invoice approval workflow
    • Finance: Management controlling
    • Finance: Loading exchange rates automatically


    • Messages: Auto-forwarding messages to external e-mail addresses
    • Recruitment: sorting web vacancies based on Valid from date
    • Billing: Recurring Fees - complete overview
    • Billing: Recurring Fees - highlighting items that don't generate any Billing Items
    • Billing: Show (General Ledger) account numbers in combo fields
    • Billing: New workflow: rejecting Time Sheets
    • Billing: New workflow: auto-billing any items connected to closed Activity
    • Billing: Auto reusing omited serial numbers
    • Received Invoices: changed rounding to 2 decimals
    • Estimates: Possible to manually sort rows
    • Calendar: Added copy event functionality
    • Calendar: Added spinner for events loading
    • Finance: Added rate date into currency rates settings
    • Finance: Editing numbering for invocies, projects, etc.
    • Finance: Editing sequences / last number used
    • Messages: Added "Dial" functionality into Phone Call record
    • Messages: Possibility to send new request using Atollon Touch
    • Messages: Added spinner on loading messages
    • Messages: Hidden buttons that have no current meaning
    • Contact: Fixed loading / saving contact groups agains accidental non-saving
    • Contact: Fixed saving Birth Date
    • Finder: Preventing opening the same window several times
    • Finder: Contact preview optimized
    • Finder: Added "Last contact date" to the header
    • Finder: Improved editing Note in Finder header
    • Reporting: Added tooltip on report description
    • Reporting: Added mass responsible user change on folders,projects
    • Reporting: Added mass status change for projects & folders
    • Calendar: Rights checking before saving the Task
    • Recruitment: Moved selection procedures preview to the bottom
    • Recruitment: Applicant preview optimized
    • Time Sheet: Fixed rounding of Expenses to 2 decimals
    • Time Sheet: Valuation performance improved
    • Workflow: Mass client status updates trigger workflow actions

    Bug fixes

    Server printing: Fixed using larger print templates

    New features

    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibility to send Invoice with Time Sheet attachment together from Draft invoices


    • General: User password has more strict rules + it's change can be enforced after next login
    • Mass Mail: Possibility to enter / delete distribution group categories (folders for better group organization)
    • Mass Mail: Possibility to add / remove contact distribution groups


    • Finder: Contact preview added to the Finder folder's header


    • Billing & Invoicing: Improvements in editing recurring fees (required fields, hints, entering merge fields)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added new filters for Billing Items (by Product, Activity type, Project type)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Automatically adding Delivery contact address, if available in contact
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added indication about items (from Time Sheets) that have been created automatically during Draft creation
    • Billing & Invoicing: Removed restriction about Free quantity in Billing Items (now any combination of Unit Price x Price vs. Free Qty + Fixed Fee works)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added indication of billing period into Time Sheet or Invoice print
    • Contacts: Added option to quickly create new contact + folder (Client, Partner, Applicant, etc.)


    • Contacts: Improved identification whether contact has folder or not in the list of contacts


    • Finder: Better performance of opening projects on large databases (hunderts thousands of projects)
    • Project: Better performance of selecting responsible users
    • Recruitment: Better performance of Applicants listing
    • Recruitment: Rewritten selection of locations (now possible to search by ZIP code)
    • Recruitment: Unified view on applicant from both Finder & Applicants database


    • Recruitment: Automated labelling of CV document type in Applicant's document upload (both Finder and Applicants database)
    • Recruitment: Added basic recruitment workflow -> relation of Selection Procedure status to project status settings (requires set-up)
    • Recruitment: Vacancy status in Vacancies overview is identified by color
    • Time Sheet: Improved performance of Time Sheet listing

    Bug fixes

    • Billing & Invoicing: Fix filtering on billing items
    • Contacts: Fixed selecting primary contact information
    • Expenses: Quantity of expense may now be entered with decimals
    • Recruitment: Fixed refresh of recent employments after their update in contacts
    • General: When export is forbidded, export options are no longer available


    new features

    • Full contact form fields customization (fields visibility & mandatory fields)



    • Billing & Invoicing: Added filter for invoice amount (from .. to)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to extend general Billing / Time Sheet rules for each individual client
    • Billing & Invoicing: Prevent saving Billing Rules without setting Time Sheet rules
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added Header & Footer text of Invoice on printout (coming from Billing Rules)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibilty to Postpone & Avoid billing of the Draft invoice (incl. Billing Items & Time Sheet)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibility to configure new Journals (where 0 VAT may be applied for foreign invoices)
    • Time Sheet: Added progress indication
    • Time Sheet: Added new grouping option: by Price (to see what rates have been used & whether there are 0 rates)
    • Time Sheet: Replaced the Dashboard component motivating data entry to chart-based


    • Invoicing & Estimates: Possibility to copy transaction(s) on Invoice / Estimate
    • Recruitment: Added possibility to add closed vacancy to Applicant & improved vacancy list component


    • Recruitment: List of applicants on vacancy stretched on full size of the form
    • Recruitment: Searching in the list of skills


    • Recruitment: Added possiblity to search in the list of positions (when adding new position to candidate in employment history)
    • Reporting: Added optional refresh of background finance data for finance report(s) - slow on large instances
    • General: When app is log-out, it is automatically refreshed with new login
    • General: Added possibility to set rights of users to other user's Time Sheet, Tasks, Calendar (Events)

    bug fixes

    • Estimates & Invoices: Fixing broken Unit Price
    • Recruitment: Adding company to applicant is now smoother
    • Tasks: Slower refresh due to large implementations for increased performance
    • Messaging: When sending multiple e-mail attachments, sometimes the contents was mixed in experimental app server
    • Messaging: To field - not all recipients received the e-mail in experimental app server


    new features

    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to edit currencies
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to edit exchange rates (for foreign currency billing)


    • Billing & Invoicing: Added welcome screen on client's folder detail (unfinished)


    • Billing & Invoicing: Added Recurring Fees functionality for automated Fixed Fees creation


    • Task Management: Added option to select solver (responsible user) automatically when creating new Task
    • Time Sheet: Standard texts functionality added


    • Billing & Invoicing: Improved setting Unit Price (needed for automated use of free service hours)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Indication of Used free service hours
    • Billing & Invoicing: Now it's possible to approve / confirm Billing Items from (client) contact folder
    • Billing & Invoicing: Easily customize global Billing Rules on (client) contact folder
    • Finder: Added indication of Activity Reference number into lists
    • Time Sheet: New Time Sheet entry is automatically confirmed & price is added, if missing
    • Tasks: New Task - app now remembers values (Reminder setting)
    • Calendar: New Event - automated moving To: date when From: date is changed
    • Contact: Possibility to upload basic contact data for entrepreneurs/persons automatically (CZ + SK)
    • Contact: Removed "Due Days" field > moved to Billling Settings on contact folder 
    • Users: New option to show only active users
    • New project wizard: Improved & simplified layout
    • Recruitment: Added name of the contact information type (such as e-mail personal or e-mail work)
    • Recruitment: Selection Procedures functionality moved to separate Tab for optimal displaying
    • Recruitment: Saving candidate profile data progress indication

    bug fixes

    • Contact: Duplicity check is executed even when using auto-contact lookup & VAT entering
    • Billing & Invoicing: When invoice is deleted, it's possible to use records again for creating new invoice
    • Billing & Invoicing: Fixed calculation of total amounts (now properly recalculated based on Exchange Rates from foreign currency)
    • Workflow: Fixed saving time-managed actions
    • Document Library: Fixed escaping special characters, when loading documents using Web Services API (web integrations)

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