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Lagoon Release Week Changes

    Updates of Atollon Touch business communication tool can be found at Touch Release Week Changes.


    New Features

    • Business Intelligence - new planning module, including multi-dimensional planning (optional module)


    • Contact - new GDPR online auto-update tool


    • Documents - new documents approval workflow


    • Issues - new module to track internal requests


    • Received Offers - new module to track incoming proposals & create purchase orders


    • Business Intelligence - now all configurations are dynamic, easy to add new views
    • Business Intelligence - it is possible to create custom calculated values
    • Contact - new features to track GDPR compliance
    • Contact - contact address UI improved - now enabling combinations of required/notrequired regions
    • Desktop - open application indicator added
    • Documents - it is possible to filter for document categories in contexts and the whole system
    • Documents - it is possible to filter for document validity
    • Documents - now the document context is visible at document preview
    • Documents - it is possible to upload documents into category & folder at the same time
    • Documents - it is possible to create document folders under Activity contexts
    • Finder - it is possible now to create new document folders under Activity
    • Finder - added warning on unsaved changes
    • Invoice - new controlling tool enables managers track finance in granular detail without changing invoice
    • Invoice - improved reporting for overdue invoices
    • Mail - added support for global signatures, incl. company logo
    • Messages - new icons indicating reference to message vs. original message
    • Messages - todo and shared mailbox message count added
    • Messages - improved message callout in the message detail
    • Recruitment - enhanced details for employment history
    • Recruitment - applicant profile now configurable (employment history and education fields)
    • Recruitment - job advertisements now allow to add Job Field + Position details
    • Recruitment - all marketing channels are enabled by default
    • Recruitment - new candidate profile print templates, incl. pictures
    • Recruitment - extend education information with particular School & date from ... to
    • Reporting - new option to report on activity forms
    • Sales - improved calculations of purchase prices based on sales price
    • Time Sheet - overview about selected lines added
    • Timeline - various improvements, incl. layout, nicer day separation, filtering, etc.
    • Timeline - added changes in context (folder, project, activity created or modified)
    • Timeline - opening various records details from timeline view
    • Workflow - enhanced custom scripting - run external scripts, etc.

    Bug Fixes

    • Contact - fixed deleting contacts that were users after user was deleted
    • Dashboard - fixed adding new dashboard components
    • Finder - many small bug fixes
    • Finder - deleting folders fixed
    • Invoice - fixes in journals with inherited settings from other journals
    • Mail - it is possible to open electronically signed attachments now
    • Mail - it is possible to open specific Outlook-based attachments
    • Mass mail - problem with mass mailing from recruitment search results fixed
    • Message - content scrolling improved
    • Products - sorted by product name + fixed custom filters clearing
    • Recruitment - employments - now only one company can be primary
    • Reporting - problem with reports refresh fixed
    • Reporting - filtering custom forms fields fixed
    • Timeline - fixed labels for changes in project states

    Business Intelligence Reports

    • Selection Procedure Phases - track consultant productivity and recruitment pipeline in detail, track how activities lead to revenues
    • Finance Current Status - track project revenues & costs, both internal & external


    New Features

    • Atollon Passport - New Single Sign-On to Atollon instances - especially great for organizations with multiple Atollons
    • Finder - New tool for designing optimal folder, project or activity layout


    • Contact - Basic information about GDPR consent
    • Desktop - Easier way of uploading desktop logo (see Background settings)
    • Form - New thermometer visual component that acts like work in progress indicator
    • Form - It is possible to set Checkbox component as required
    • Finance - New payment schedule component to track payment plan for your clients
    • Invoice - New Invoice summary details to help you get accurate information about revenues, overdue invoices or receivables
    • Invoice - It is possible to fix payment status of invoice - set the invoice fully or partially paid
    • Marketing Channels - List sorts by priority now
    • Messaging - New default layout of messages (2-row)
    • Products - Improved performance of product listing
    • Project - External contacts - several new options to send e-mail, copy, etc.
    • Project - It is possible to change project types now
    • Project - New Activity overview component
    • Project - New Project categorization (FPATypeCategories) available for easier reporting
    • Recruitment - Great performance improvement of Vacancy details
    • Recruitment - It is possible to edit Synonyms for CV import tool
    • Recruitment - It is possible to search applicants immediately after entering Vacancy requirements
    • Recruitment - It is possible to save applicant search criteria for later use
    • Reporting - It is possible to copy report definitions now
    • Reporting - It is possible to select column for sorting
    • Reporting - New way of filtering for Type of work on Tasks/Events
    • Reporting - It is possible to add report results into Project Dashboard (Activity Panel)
    • Sales - Completely refreshed Sales Opportunity details - now fully configurable to meet various needs
    • Sales - New Sales Opportunity header - configurable project dashboard component indicating value, probability and expected close date
    • Sales - Index order added to Sales Items

    Bug Fixes

    • Recruitment - Recruitment Dashboard - some of the comments were not showing, fixed
    • Invoice - Rendering of large invoice history records fixed


    New Features

    • Recruitment Dashboard - New way of working with work in progress - clients, vacancies and applicants in the process


    • Contact - It is possible to configure all lists in web interface (Industries, Departments, 
    • Positions, Legal forms, Address types, Contact types, Nationalities, Company & Person relations)
    • Contact - We changed the way contact source for companies is tracked to align the method with new business intelligence reports
    • Contracting - It is possible to search according to MD rates of contractors
    • Finder - Only one responsible user per folder, project or activity may be selected (server checks the restraint)
    • Finder - New way of selecting folders on New project form
    • Finder - New layout of responsible users dialog
    • Finder - New layout of Folder, Project and Activity description
    • Form - Public form sharing - notifications to internal users extended - now also master folder responsible users are notified + users set on individual form designs
    • Form - Public form fields may be set as required
    • Form - Preparation for form conversion
    • Invoice - Express invoice print (one button)
    • Invoice - Express sending of invoice by e-mail
    • Invoice - Journal settings can now be extended with default print template and message template (to enable express issuing of invoices)
    • Invoice - New method of tracking invoice payments (all combinations allowed for manual payments, synchronization with accounting systems by total amount or by payment transactions)
    • Invoice - New views for invoice payment status and filtering for due invoices
    • Marketing - Marketing channels now configurable in web client
    • Messaging - New configuration of custom message types added
    • Recruitment - You can edit education levels and fields yourself
    • Recruitment - Search applicant tool extended - it is possible to search also for applicants that do not contain particular criteria (skills, education, location, etc.) in combination with other profile characteristics
    • Reporting - Reworked the way form fields are entered into the report
    • Reporting - It is possible to filter on message types or custom message types
    • Reporting - It is possible to report for communication of key persons at clients
    • Reporting - Several improvements and new fields added (incl. employer Industry, ...)
    • Talent Source - Now it is clear what contacts have been created from LinkedIn source automatically
    • Workflow - It is possible to run workflow based on form fields updates

    Bug Fixes

    • Contracting - It is possible to send empty MD rate now
    • Controlling - Fixed filtering proper project (based on selected parent folder)
    • Marketing - Tracking codes may now be assigned to users and partners
    • Recruitment - Fixed listing applicant status (after new Recruitment Dashboard was implemented)
    • Talent Source - Updating applicant data from LinkedIn profile fixed
    • Sales Map - Fixed custom sales map view - now you can see your sales activities on globe again :-)


    New Features

    • Forms - Now it's possible to publish form and easily send form URL to external recipients (currently only with custom HTML template for each form, default HTML template for the form is in the progress)


    • Dashboard - New Context widget - links to folders or projects
    • Contact - It is possible to select main communication contact
    • Contact - Improved duplicity checks
    • Finder - Access rights of all Folders, Projects and Activities now normalized to support editing access by Type of folder
    • Finder - Now it is possible to add Created by and Modified by into Finder item configuration
    • Finder - It is possible to drag & drop messages and invoices directly into Finder
    • Finder - During drag & drop, it is possible to create new folder, project or activity
    • Finder - It is possible to switch Folder Type during Folder Status update (example: change from Prospect to Client whan Prospect status changed to Winning)
    • Finder - It is possible to Copy Project reference number
    • Forms - It it possible to add Print button on form
    • Forms - When published form is filled-in, notification is sent to user who published the form
    • Invoice - New payment status view, incl. payment tracking from various sources (manual, sync with accounting, payment transactions calculations)
    • Invoice - New fields - Journal and Activity now listed in invoice overview
    • Invoice - It is possible to drag & drop invoice into Finder and change context easily
    • Messaging - New views and overall layout refreshed, it is possible to easily filter for starred messages
    • Messaging - Mass correspondence wizard improved - now preferred contact details and preferred languages listed, performance improved
    • Messaging - Sender contact details added to callout
    • Messaging - Unidentified e-mail address may be easily added to contacts
    • Messaging - It is possible to easily convert e-mails to leads, deals or projects
    • Messaging - Conversations in threads
    • Messaging - Move message to context improved
    • Messaging - Added contact images to sender detail
    • Recruitment - Customizable Selection Procedure phases
    • Recruitment - Selection Procedure phase and custom status is now synchronized
    • Recruitment - Workflow switching Applicant to Contractor improved
    • Recruitment - It is possible to configure more than one type of Vacancy
    • Recruitment - MD rates now enabled on Contractor detail in relation to Desired Positions
    • Reporting - New fields for reporting Vacancy Job Field and Position added
    • Reporting - Now it is possible to filter for some dimensions (user teams) in tree structure
    • Reporting - Dashboard components now display custom field descriptions
    • Reporting - It is possible to send mass task using report results
    • Reporting - It is possible to report on contact relations and evaluation of relations
    • Reporting - It is possible to report on activities details
    • Requests - Custom fields on request now visible
    • Sales Opportunity - Easy price of opportunity update, new calculation of sales opportunity value

    Bug Fixes

    • Access - Improved access rights maintainance execution
    • Access - Fixed crash when renaming access groups
    • Documents - Fixed special characters treatment
    • Finder - Filtering on new Finder now fully functional
    • Forms - Fixed problems with number input into number form fields and many other issues...
    • Invoice - Improved speed of getting exchange rates
    • Messaging - Improved dashboard component refresh
    • Messaging - Improved performance in certain scenarios
    • Messaging - Fixed getting count of new messages
    • Recruitment - New Job Advertisement now requires language (must have for Vacancy XML feed)
    • Recruitment - Job Advertisement now outputs cleaner HTML formatting
    • Report - Several user interface bug fixes (collapsing tree in edit mode, filtering values, filtering form fields)


    New Features

    • Contact - It is possible to upload contact profile pictures (from file, document or webcam)


    • Finder - New contact folder form - it is possible to create contact to company + (several) contacts on one screen


    • Finder - Now it is possible to evaluate your relationhship level with representatives of your clients and partners


    • Finder - It is possible to define relationhip roles to external contacts


    • Finder - Contact pictures are displayed in list of companies and persons and in contact detail


    • Recruitment - possibility to enter Marketing Channel to Selection procedure for reporting of your Job promotion efforts success



    • Finder - Access rights of folders can now be influenced by Folder, Project and Activity Types settings (applicable on new folders or projects that you create)


    • Contact - Improved duplicity checks (now it is not possible to create more contacts with the same e-mail or mobile
    • Contact - Incoming e-mails from contacts are now automatically tracked in communication history
    • Timeline - All changes to form values (on client folder, project or activity) are now displayed in Timeline


    • Timeline - It is possible to view changes from master project on all related slave projects (eg. from Recruitment Vacancy all changes on Selection Procedures)

    Bug Fixes

    • Billing - When automatically creating new Draft Invoice, set Transaction Date = Tax Date (that is at the end of billing period)


    Notice: After upgrade, you may find out that some Tabs in New Finder are missing. In such case, you may easily add them back and change their sort order using Context Settings > Layout.

    New Features

    • New Finder - best tool to manage & store your company data about clients and projects has been completely rewritten


    • Timeline - new tool that is going to track any change that happens to contexts (clients, projects, etc.), first version track communication, we will also step-by-step add new tools



    • Access - New ACL detail window now improved - path to tree node displayed
    • Communication - New quick notice on context added


    • Communication - Quick delegation of incoming e-mail to colleague


    • Communication - shared mailboxes (eg. info@company.com) now available from User's communication tool



    • Finder - Configuration of tabs now available directly from Context Settings > Layout


    • Finder - Only appropriate tabs now displayed for selected type of folder
    • Finder - New way of setting folder types
    • Finder - Now you can fully customize what tabs are displayed and what tab will be on 1st position
    • General - Organization Settings added
    • General - localization added to Language names
    • Project - New Project Wizard - simplified, Next/Back steps removed
    • Project - New Project Wizard - great improvement of adding / selecting new company, using combination of internal database, external database or manual contact entry


    • Recruitment - applicant import requests (CV Inbox) does not delete temporary files, it rather archives them
    • Recruitment - maximum number of hired people improved on Vacancy requirements detail
    • Report - New fields for master/slave project responsible users added
    • Sidebar - It is possible to set-up that the sidebar remains closed

    Bug Fixes

    • Communication - new e-mail notification will not interrupt New message composition
    • Invoice - problem with refresh of Value authorized fixed


    New Features

    • Custom Application: New module allowing us to design and deploy brand new application without coding (consultants or advanced users may set-up own application or database)
    • Finder: New fulltext search through context (folders, projects, activities and their ref. numbers) in main search tool (you can also try Ctrl+F and Cmd+F)


    • Finance: Journal Setting may now inherit Finance Settings, Approval Workflow or Custom Fields settings from other Journal (useful when plenty of similar Journals have to be set-up)


    • Mail: New application to set-up Mailbox settings (add new / edit existing mailbox)
    • Marketing: It is now possible to assign tracking code to your Partners to report and track affiliate programs (in relation to acquiring new clients or projects)
    • Recruitment: It is possible to automatically import responses from Jobs.cz
    • Workflow: It is possible to create workflow actions on incoming and outgoing messages (also used for message content filtering, automated e-mail imports, etc.)


    • Access: Easier way of modifying access rights to Time Sheet, Calendar and Tasks in teams of users


    • Access: Easier way to modify and set-up current user's rights (apply User Template to existing Users)


    • Access: Added configuration of access rights in most of the application modules
    • Access: Overall performance of access rights settings improved, now new folder is displayed immediately after it's created
    • Contact: In multi-organization set-up, better emphasized information about intra-company contact relations


    • Contact: Multiple contacts may be deleted in one click
    • Contact: Indication of system user added (now you can easily filter what contacts are also system users)


    • Contact: Improved speed, now Language list gets cached
    • Documents: It is possible to rebuild index of documents content in the whole document library (needed in organizations that require full text document search and newer indexing methods applied, some of them added in 2017-02)
    • Finder: It is now possible to create new User when creating New Finder Folder
    • General: It is no longer necessary to clear browser cache before getting new version of Lagoon
    • General: Localization added to Language names
    • Invoice: New grid/table developed to enable resizing columns with horizontal scroller (good for smaller displays when more fields are required to be shown)


    • Invoice: Multi-approval - it is now possible to approve several invoices at the same time (incl. checking all conditions on invoices with various approval rules, required PIN codes, custom fields, etc.), it is also possible to mass-assign next approver


    • Invoice: Invoice history was streamlined to show just the important updates
    • Mail: It is now possible to select different target mailbox for storing incoming e-mails (ie info, helpdesk e-mails can be stored in shared folder etc.)
    • Recruitment: After importing new CV (from all sources - web, job portals, cv parsing, linked-in, etc.) the import file is archived (not deleted)
    • Recruitment: Language and language level is now exported in Job Advertisement (applicant profile's requirements), if needed
    • Recruitment: Name of the position is now localized
    • Recruitment: ZIP codes added into Job Advertisement
    • Recruitment: Searching applicants now searches by value of the skill grade, or lang level
    • Recruitment: Job Advertisement - now it's possible to copy Advertisement from any other advertisement / Vacancy
    • Reporting: It is possible to report for organization dimensions (Tracking Categories - cost centres, etc.)
    • Reporting: Added missing fields into invoice reporting that relate to approval process
    • Reporting: It is now possible to open Invoice detail from the report results
    • Task: New fixed status added (Will not complete) - it is just another way to look at non-completed tasks that will never be completed
    • Task: It is possible to set-up (per Type of Work) that the attachment is required
    • Time Sheet: New reporting fields Billed total and Billed time added to more accurately measure what time sheet entries have actually entered into the Invoice

    Bug Fixes

    • Invoice: Reprogrammed the way invoice transactions and controlling variables are calculated, fixing several smaller cosmetic issues
    • Invoice: OCR - invoice recognition upload extended - now several documents may be uploaded for invoice recognigion and processing at a time
    • General: Font smooting on many components in new Lagoon generation


    Major update

    • New generation client side framework
      • This update contains migration to new development framework that brings more than just better visual expressions, but also possibility to run the application outside browser as a stand-alone application, future versions should also bring support for mobile and tablet devices, such as iPad and Android tablets (Windows 10 tablets are supported already). New stand-alone Atollon Lagoon should also provide several improvements, incl. better HTML support in e-mails, more comfortable file handling, etc.

    New Features

    • Access: New access rights inheritance developed for higher flexibility of access rights settings
    • Contacts: Added communication history to contact detail
    • Recruitment: New Job/Vacancy Promotion Tool
    • Recruitment: New XML Feed for Vacancy Promotion
    • Recruitment: New API for Applicant import from online tools
    • Reporting: Added new reports on management finance / transaction controlling
    • Workflow: New server side add-ons with workflow support (enable custom apps on Atollon server)


    • Access: Added configuration of access rights to missing parts of modules
    • Billing: Improved billing view (custom columns, etc.)
    • Contact: Copy contact details to clipboard function added
    • Contact: Contact detail completely reworked and improved
    • Contact: Added full support for domestic + foreign bank account information
    • Forms: Added new components: Document link and User link (add document or user reference to your custom forms, incl. reporting support)
    • Invoice: Changed rounding of Received Invoices to 2-decimals
    • Invoice: Added support for domestic + foreign bank account information
    • Invoice: Approval process with manual selection of any number of approvers
    • Invoice: Invoice filters saved automatically
    • Invoice: Added payment reference field into invoice header
    • Invoice: Filter invoices by approvers
    • Invoice: Show history of changes in invoice header's custom fields
    • Invoice: Show history of attachments changes
    • Invoice: Several improvements in OCR functionality
    • Invoice: When rejecting invoice, comment is required
    • Invoice: Require unique approvers in multi-step invoice approval process
    • Invoice: Approval process now supports restraints (only partial value of invoice can be approved)
    • Invoice: It's possible to change transaction owner now
    • Recruitment: Added submit & open button to streamline user flow
    • Recruitment: Filtering for users responsible for CV import, possibility to change the user(s)
    • Recruitment: Several tweaks of GUI on Applicant profile
    • Recruitment: Drag & drop CVs from e-mail to CV parsing tool
    • Recruitment: CV Inbox now support importing applicant locations
    • Reporting: Added transactions and dimensions into management finance reporting
    • Time Sheet: Save new entry by pressing Ctrl + Enter (or Cmd + Enter on Apple)

    Bug Fixes

    • Invoice: Fixed several issues with VAT selection and calculation
    • Invoice: Recalculation of To be paid value on invoice header
    • Invoice: Fixed displaying several attachments
    • Invoice: Changed the way of OCR document confirmation
    • Recruitment: Several fixes for CV Inbox Applicant import tool
    • Time Sheet: Correct type of work selection fixed


    New Features

    • Invoice: New Communication & Approvals progress overview


    • Invoice: New Invoice Custom Fields configuration added


    • Invoice: Next approver may be selected manually


    • Recruitment: Saving PDF file + images from LinkedIn profile during CV Import
    • Finance: New finance transaction reporting (revenues and costs)



    • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to assign Roles into Folder, Project and Activity Types


    • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to add Folder, Project & Activity Numbering
    • Invoice: Billing Date now applied into automated billing process from Product, Order to Invoice
    • Invoice: Waiting for... displaying current invoice approval in progress
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to select several approvers in the next step


    • Invoice: New "Send Invoice" tool that automatically selects invoice template & recipients


    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice authorization by PIN code
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice approval by invoice value
    • Invoice Settings: It's possible to copy Journals
    • Recruitment: New CV profile merge features have self-learning capabilities
    • Recruitment: New CV import tool is much faster now
    • Recruitment: Upload CV (and drag & drop) now works on one click
    • Recruitment: CV Import now preserves the original CV document (stores it in the Applicant Folder)
    • Recruitment: Many User Interface improvements to the new Applicant Search tool 
    • Sales: Estimates & Sales Orders now require selection of project
    • Sales: Sales Orders may now automatically generate Billing Requests (after the Sales Order is approved)

    Bug Fixes

    • Access: Now it's required to create new contact when creating new User
    • Forms: Fixed several issues when creating form values with New project wizard
    • Messages: Forward messages does not forget original e-mail address
    • Recruitment: Fixed sorting of Sub-skills in recruitment search tool
    • Recruitment: Fixed various search criteria in Applicant Search
    • Recruitment: Proper language sorting
    • Recruitment: Fixed loading applicant search from Vacancy details 
    • Recruitment: Many fixes and improvements of CV import tool


    New Features

    • Finance: New sales premium calculation set-up
    • Invoices: Support for new received draft invoices (OCR)
    • Printing: Added support for MS Word templates
    • Products: New custom fields support


    • Recruitment: Applicant search completely rewamped (support for multi-select criteria)


    • Recruitment: New centralized CV import tool added with HR-XML support



    • Finder: Folder created by & date/time, modified by & date/time visible


    • Invoices: Improved approving issued draft invoices
    • Maps: Improved searching for locations
    • Products: New products import features (more flexible, incl. custom fields)
    • Products: Filtering by custom fields
    • Products: Filtering by product Ref. No.
    • Products: List existing transactions support (history of the product sales)
    • Recruitment: Improved search in positions list
    • Recruitment: Improved searching for applicants by locations
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: exclude company type (ie exclude our clients's applicants)
    • Recruitment: Adjusted employer criteria search (use only primary employers)
    • Recruitment: New notification about pending applicant profile update (from Talent Source)
    • Recruitment: Now applicant search results may be ordered (by relevance, name or last update date)
    • Recruitment: Applicant source/referral from field now available from main profile view
    • Recruitment: New attachments support for CV import tool
    • Talent Source: Improved notification about Talent Source & Recruitment connection

    Bug Fixes

    • Contact: Preview component layout fixed
    • Contact: Improved listing performance when large distribution groups employed
    • Forms: Fixed access rights when creating new form folders & forms
    • Invoice: Fixed listing invoice attachments
    • Recruitment: Fixed saving employment history when several users working on the same profile
    • Recruitment: Duplicate rows removed in applicant search results
    • Sales Opportunity: Probability value saving fixed on field escape


    New Features

    • Talent Source: Added LinkedIn integration support


    • Calendar: Improved layout of the calendar sync accounts
    • Forms: Added support for large forms (over 100 fields, with extensive layout)
    • Forms: Added support to use form data in prints
    • Invoice: Validation for Tax Date (- 15 days) removed for Received Invoices
    • Reporting: Enhanced filtering options - added "Current User" filter to all Users field
    • Recruitment: Added custom translations of any fields, incl. Selection Procedure States
    • Recruitment: New "Quick Add" tool for creating employers (new companies)
    • Recruitment: Added feature to export Skills - Subskills
    • Recruitment: Language Skills improved - removed Verbal/Reading skills if not required
    • Recruitment: Added new tool to mass-update applicant's skills
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: search candidates by consultant (responsible user)
    • Recruitment: Various improvements in applicant profile
    • Recruitment: Now Skills - Subskills - Grades fully editable using web client
    • Sales: Sales opportunity form improved
    • Time Sheet: Layout of the form improved

    Bug Fixes

    • Calendar: New synchronization accounts now sync also previous history of events
    • Forms: forms view - several bug fixes
    • Recruitment: Creating Selection Procedure (add Applicant to Vacancy) now sets Initial Project Status properly
    • Recruitment: Adding Skills - Subskills now more reliable on large instances
    • Recruitment: Adding Employers - fixed occasional save failure
    • Recruitment: Search applicants on multiple OR criteria fixed


    New Features

    • Calendar: Server side Google Calendar synchronization


    • Calendar: Server side Office.com & MS Exchange synchronization
    • Contact: Checking validation of VAT Number (VEIS)


    • Forms Designer: Brand new custom forms designer


    • Invoice: Customizable multi-level invoice approvals


    • Maps: New options to create custom geographical views on clients or projects and sales


    • Recruitment: Vacancy web promotion - introduced full HTML support (incl. images in ads)


    • Reporting: New reports designer and brand new report types



    • Call centre: New version of integration to IP Telephony from Spinoco
    • Messaging: New/improved HTML preview component
    • Messaging: HTML mails performance optimized
    • Messaging: Drag & drop moving e-mails and messages into context (folders & projects)
    • Forms Designer: New client & server side forms design
    • Forms Designer: Forms scripting / custom programming
    • Forms Designer: Many improvements over existing forms functionality
    • Forms Desginer: Date fields supported in scripting
    • Forms Designer: New drag & drop layouts
    • Forms Designer: New option to link any other form's data
    • Forms Designer: New option to add system data listing (folders)
    • Finder: Added geographical location of Client, Project, Activity
    • Invoice: Filter invoices based on Tracking variables in Controlling
    • Invoice: Each Journal now has custom Invoice Status settings
    • Invoice: Each Journal and Invoice Status may be configured with approvers
    • Invoice: Show transaction description & name in invoice overview (as custom columns)
    • Invoice: Show tracking variables from controlling in invoice preview (as custom columns)
    • Invoice: Easier possibility to (ESC)ape editing records in tree mode
    • Invoice: External number is now required for Received Invoices
    • Products: New import / export functions
    • Products: Possibility to add images / show image gallery of products
    • Projects: Improved performance of projects listing
    • Recruitment: Search for salary incl./excl. filled-in salary (switch)
    • Recruitment: Search for education and language incl./excl. evaluation
    • Recruitment: Applicant profile 2.0 (employments, languages, ...) editing simplified


    • Reporting: Added Activity custom form and RefId into report results
    • Reporting: Optional multi-organization reporting now hard-coded
    • Reporting: Added backward compatibility to report on old-style custom forms
    • Task: Added new option to Call from task for Call centre processes

    Bug Fixes

    • Contacts: Bank property adding fixed
    • Documents: Fixed duplicated view of first documents
    • Finder: Fixed editing Activity details, which were sometimes disabled
    • Invoice: Fixed problem with first-time loading VAT list
    • Invoice: Fixed copying invoices with all needed attributes
    • Reporting: Fixed Role selection in reports
    • Reporting: Fixed reporting for states in Master project reporting
    • Reporting: Fixed proper loading of filter criteria
    • Reporting: Fixed adding report results with custom field names into Dashboard
    • Reporting: Fixed realoading (new) reports


    New Features

    • Recruitment: New Contractor applicant profile with manday rate


    • Billing: Now it's possible to add rule "For each project" to invoice each project separately
    • Calendar: New calendar switch for users (own groups, easy switching between calendars)
    • Contacts: Added time indication of contact modification (for sync purposes)
    • Contacts: Different (invoice) address types for person / company allowed
    • Finder: Now it's possible to create new branch (client) sub-folder (for clients with several branches)
    • Finder: Moving folders in Finder allowed (not for projects or activities)
    • Finder: New project wizard supported and improved (switch Simple / Advanced in Project Templates)
    • Finder: Filter logic changed (now possible to filter for folders, projects & activities separately)
    • Finder: View option for folder, project, activity number to be displayed
    • General: Added country codes in listing countries
    • General: Support for simple instance URL (instancename.atollon.com)
    • Invoice: Sorting invoices, filtering by External Number allowed
    • Invoice: Several performance optimizations
    • Invoice: Views improved (new states colors, sorting, storing custom columns, column sizes, ...)
    • Invoice: For approval view filters improved (more for approval states allowed)
    • Invoice: Tracking categories & accounts fulltext search added
    • Invoice: Added actual (PDF) invoice preview in For approval mode
    • Invoice: Added customizable columns view
    • Invoice: Added mass-change function to change Invoice status
    • Invoice: Status Billed is available to admin users only (needed to fix possible sync errors)
    • Invoice: Option to select Supplier's bank account from contacts
    • Invoice: Copy invoice now supports all atributes
    • Invoice: It's possible to select user / contact on behalf of Supplier or Customer
    • Invoice: Option to manually enter resulting transaction VAT
    • Messages: Attachments improved (several lines, resizing)
    • Messages: Added function to Empty Trash (remove all messages from trash)
    • Products: New option to set-up custom fields in Estimate, Invoice, Order based on Product Type settings
    • Products: Added Custom Lists / Codebooks
    • Products: Added Product Types settings (add/remove product types)
    • Projects & Folders: Sorting folders, projects and activities allowed
    • Projects & Folders: New activity simplified
    • Projects & Folders: Enabled deleting multiple activities
    • Recruitment: Added support of currencies into required salary field
    • Recruitment: New search criteria: candidate status, type and contractor manday rate
    • Recruitment: Added responsible contact details into Vacancy printout
    • Recruitment: Switch Applicant to Contractor
    • Reports: Added filtering for (decimal) value ranges from .. to
    • Reports: Added filtering for contacts, distribution groups, references, industry, preferred language
    • Reports: Added filtering for position, department, country, region
    • Reports: Added possibility to reload the changed report
    • Task bar: Cosmetic improvements (logos, icons)
    • Time Sheet: New XLS report output
    • Time Sheet: Performance optimizations
    • Time Sheet: New printout options (users full name)
    • Time Sheet: Export is formating values properly for further processing in Excel
    • Time Sheet: Easy splitting Time Sheet record for chargeable / non-chargeable hours

    Bug Fixes

    • Billing: Now multiple organizations may be set / non-set for billing
    • Billing: Fixed several issues in controlling / management finance
    • General: Fixed forms closing behavior (save unsaved changes in all opened forms)
    • Invoice: Currency exchange rates validity (period from .. to) fixed
    • Products: Applying proper price (in various currencies and price lists) even in product bundles
    • Messages: Deleting messages from trash now stable (off-peak time)



    • Call Centre: Enabled auto-login to PBX after user's login into the system
    • Time Sheet: Printing Time Sheet records now enable displaying totals of just chargeable work when printing all records
    • Time Sheet: Fixed formatting of numeric fields in export (for calculations in spreadsheet SW)
    • Invoice: Now it's possible to set Tax value manually (even though it may still be calculated)
    • Invoice: It's possible to select analytical account on invoice record (used for further exporting into accounting sw)
    • Invoice: It's possible to change management controlling on multiple invoice records at the same time
    • Invoice/Estimate: Now it's possible to sort order of records on invoice or estimates
    • Invoice: Various improvements and fixes in invoice / estimate calculation
    • Finance: Now everywhere analytical account codes + names are visible
    • Recruitment: Listing public web vacancies allow sort by Valid From

    Bug Fixes

    • Contact: Saving distribution groups in contact detail now more reliable agains user mistake
    • Time Sheet: When Time Sheet records are locked (for X working days back), it's not possible to change chargeability from the grid
    • Invoice: When adding transactions into invoice, correct analytics account (sales / purchase) is added based on Product
    • Projects & Folders: Fixed listing Folders from Folders view
    • Form Values: Access rights to project / folder forms are now inherited and checked when accessing/updating forms
    • Print Templates: Now large Django-based print templates work properly


    New features

    • New module: Atollon Call Centre
    • Billing: New invoice approval workflow
    • Finance: Management controlling
    • Finance: Loading exchange rates automatically


    • Messages: Auto-forwarding messages to external e-mail addresses
    • Recruitment: sorting web vacancies based on Valid from date
    • Billing: Recurring Fees - complete overview
    • Billing: Recurring Fees - highlighting items that don't generate any Billing Items
    • Billing: Show (General Ledger) account numbers in combo fields
    • Billing: New workflow: rejecting Time Sheets
    • Billing: New workflow: auto-billing any items connected to closed Activity
    • Billing: Auto reusing omited serial numbers
    • Received Invoices: changed rounding to 2 decimals
    • Estimates: Possible to manually sort rows
    • Calendar: Added copy event functionality
    • Calendar: Added spinner for events loading
    • Finance: Added rate date into currency rates settings
    • Finance: Editing numbering for invocies, projects, etc.
    • Finance: Editing sequences / last number used
    • Messages: Added "Dial" functionality into Phone Call record
    • Messages: Possibility to send new request using Atollon Touch
    • Messages: Added spinner on loading messages
    • Messages: Hidden buttons that have no current meaning
    • Contact: Fixed loading / saving contact groups agains accidental non-saving
    • Contact: Fixed saving Birth Date
    • Finder: Preventing opening the same window several times
    • Finder: Contact preview optimized
    • Finder: Added "Last contact date" to the header
    • Finder: Improved editing Note in Finder header
    • Reporting: Added tooltip on report description
    • Reporting: Added mass responsible user change on folders,projects
    • Reporting: Added mass status change for projects & folders
    • Calendar: Rights checking before saving the Task
    • Recruitment: Moved selection procedures preview to the bottom
    • Recruitment: Applicant preview optimized
    • Time Sheet: Fixed rounding of Expenses to 2 decimals
    • Time Sheet: Valuation performance improved
    • Workflow: Mass client status updates trigger workflow actions

    Bug fixes

    Server printing: Fixed using larger print templates

    New features

    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibility to send Invoice with Time Sheet attachment together from Draft invoices


    • General: User password has more strict rules + it's change can be enforced after next login
    • Mass Mail: Possibility to enter / delete distribution group categories (folders for better group organization)
    • Mass Mail: Possibility to add / remove contact distribution groups


    • Finder: Contact preview added to the Finder folder's header


    • Billing & Invoicing: Improvements in editing recurring fees (required fields, hints, entering merge fields)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added new filters for Billing Items (by Product, Activity type, Project type)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Automatically adding Delivery contact address, if available in contact
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added indication about items (from Time Sheets) that have been created automatically during Draft creation
    • Billing & Invoicing: Removed restriction about Free quantity in Billing Items (now any combination of Unit Price x Price vs. Free Qty + Fixed Fee works)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added indication of billing period into Time Sheet or Invoice print
    • Contacts: Added option to quickly create new contact + folder (Client, Partner, Applicant, etc.)


    • Contacts: Improved identification whether contact has folder or not in the list of contacts


    • Finder: Better performance of opening projects on large databases (hunderts thousands of projects)
    • Project: Better performance of selecting responsible users
    • Recruitment: Better performance of Applicants listing
    • Recruitment: Rewritten selection of locations (now possible to search by ZIP code)
    • Recruitment: Unified view on applicant from both Finder & Applicants database


    • Recruitment: Automated labelling of CV document type in Applicant's document upload (both Finder and Applicants database)
    • Recruitment: Added basic recruitment workflow -> relation of Selection Procedure status to project status settings (requires set-up)
    • Recruitment: Vacancy status in Vacancies overview is identified by color
    • Time Sheet: Improved performance of Time Sheet listing

    Bug fixes

    • Billing & Invoicing: Fix filtering on billing items
    • Contacts: Fixed selecting primary contact information
    • Expenses: Quantity of expense may now be entered with decimals
    • Recruitment: Fixed refresh of recent employments after their update in contacts
    • General: When export is forbidded, export options are no longer available


    new features

    • Full contact form fields customization (fields visibility & mandatory fields)



    • Billing & Invoicing: Added filter for invoice amount (from .. to)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to extend general Billing / Time Sheet rules for each individual client
    • Billing & Invoicing: Prevent saving Billing Rules without setting Time Sheet rules
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added Header & Footer text of Invoice on printout (coming from Billing Rules)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibilty to Postpone & Avoid billing of the Draft invoice (incl. Billing Items & Time Sheet)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Possibility to configure new Journals (where 0 VAT may be applied for foreign invoices)
    • Time Sheet: Added progress indication
    • Time Sheet: Added new grouping option: by Price (to see what rates have been used & whether there are 0 rates)
    • Time Sheet: Replaced the Dashboard component motivating data entry to chart-based


    • Invoicing & Estimates: Possibility to copy transaction(s) on Invoice / Estimate
    • Recruitment: Added possibility to add closed vacancy to Applicant & improved vacancy list component


    • Recruitment: List of applicants on vacancy stretched on full size of the form
    • Recruitment: Searching in the list of skills


    • Recruitment: Added possiblity to search in the list of positions (when adding new position to candidate in employment history)
    • Reporting: Added optional refresh of background finance data for finance report(s) - slow on large instances
    • General: When app is log-out, it is automatically refreshed with new login
    • General: Added possibility to set rights of users to other user's Time Sheet, Tasks, Calendar (Events)

    bug fixes

    • Estimates & Invoices: Fixing broken Unit Price
    • Recruitment: Adding company to applicant is now smoother
    • Tasks: Slower refresh due to large implementations for increased performance
    • Messaging: When sending multiple e-mail attachments, sometimes the contents was mixed in experimental app server
    • Messaging: To field - not all recipients received the e-mail in experimental app server


    new features

    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to edit currencies
    • Billing & Invoicing: Added possibility to edit exchange rates (for foreign currency billing)


    • Billing & Invoicing: Added welcome screen on client's folder detail (unfinished)


    • Billing & Invoicing: Added Recurring Fees functionality for automated Fixed Fees creation


    • Task Management: Added option to select solver (responsible user) automatically when creating new Task
    • Time Sheet: Standard texts functionality added


    • Billing & Invoicing: Improved setting Unit Price (needed for automated use of free service hours)
    • Billing & Invoicing: Indication of Used free service hours
    • Billing & Invoicing: Now it's possible to approve / confirm Billing Items from (client) contact folder
    • Billing & Invoicing: Easily customize global Billing Rules on (client) contact folder
    • Finder: Added indication of Activity Reference number into lists
    • Time Sheet: New Time Sheet entry is automatically confirmed & price is added, if missing
    • Tasks: New Task - app now remembers values (Reminder setting)
    • Calendar: New Event - automated moving To: date when From: date is changed
    • Contact: Possibility to upload basic contact data for entrepreneurs/persons automatically (CZ + SK)
    • Contact: Removed "Due Days" field > moved to Billling Settings on contact folder 
    • Users: New option to show only active users
    • New project wizard: Improved & simplified layout
    • Recruitment: Added name of the contact information type (such as e-mail personal or e-mail work)
    • Recruitment: Selection Procedures functionality moved to separate Tab for optimal displaying
    • Recruitment: Saving candidate profile data progress indication

    bug fixes

    • Contact: Duplicity check is executed even when using auto-contact lookup & VAT entering
    • Billing & Invoicing: When invoice is deleted, it's possible to use records again for creating new invoice
    • Billing & Invoicing: Fixed calculation of total amounts (now properly recalculated based on Exchange Rates from foreign currency)
    • Workflow: Fixed saving time-managed actions
    • Document Library: Fixed escaping special characters, when loading documents using Web Services API (web integrations)

    Older Release Week Changes


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