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    Activate Registration Resource

    This resource is used specifically only for registration activation. It actually does not represent any entity on the server.

    activateRegistration instance



    Where server is name of the server, that is atollon.net and token is the secret token that only authorized user is in possession of.

    Check token validity

    You can check if the token is valid by issuing the GET request to the resource. If the token is not valid then the 404 Not Found response is returned.

    Method: GET

    Credentials: not required

    Response: (String) hash of the request the token is valid for

    Activate Registration

    You can activate the registration simply by issuing the PUT request to the resource. The user and associated entities are then created. It may take a while so the user account should be available to log-in in about the minute.

    Method: PUT

    Payload: none

    Credentials: not required

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