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    Request Resource

    Request resource represents addressable entity of the request. It is either sender or recipient of the request. Resources related to the request has rights to manipulate the request - it defines system of access rights for requests. There are three types of the request resource:

    • PERSON - resource that has one-to-one relation with user in Atollon system, it is user's projection to request tracking
    • ORGANIZATION - resource representing of organization
    • PROJECT - resource representation of project

    By default the resource is visible only to the linked resource (resource that is in relation to this resource) although all resources are reachable by it's name for sake of public access to the resource picture for linking in email address - only limited informations are visible in this case.

    The resource is editable only by the resource itself or the administrator of the resource.

    Request Resource resource




    Method: GET

    Credentials: required


    name value description
    item array[requestResource] list of request resources


    name value description
    lang string language specified by locale identifier (i.e. "en_US") that is by text search to properly process the search string
    nameContains string resrtict result to resources whose name or identifier contains given string
    parent string restrict result to resources with the specified parent resource identifier
    relationRole enumeration restrict result to resource that has logged user resource in given relation (or comma separated list of them): ADMIN | CLIENT | DISPATCHER | PROVIDER
    role enumeration restrict result to resources that are in given relation to me or to any of my related resource or only to my related resource specified by roleResource parameter (or comma separated loist of them): ADMIN | CLIENT | DISPATCHER | PROVIDER
    roleResource string resource identifier used with role parameter (see role parameter)
    type enumeration restrict result to one or more types of the resource delimited with comma (or comma separated list of them): PERSON | ORGANIZATION | PROJECT

    Request Resource instance




    Method: GET

    Credentials: not required (for sake of public resource image (logo or thumbnail) access, but the amount of information publicly  available is very limited)

    Result: requestResource object

    Note: If identifier is DEFAULT keyword it get's authorized entity resource (logged user resource or API key resource)


    Method: PUT

    Credentials: required

    Payload: requestResource object

    Result: updated requestResource object



    name value description
    address address address of the resource, visible only for linked resource, editable only by administrator
    authorizationKeys array[authorizationKey] list of authorization keys, visible only to administrators
    folder folder(r/o) folder assigned to the resource
    identifier string(r/o) unique resource identifier
    localIdentifier string(r/o) identifier that is unique for given resource type
    name string human readable resource name
    newPassword string(w/o) used only when changing password for user associated with this resource - the resource must be of type PERSON and the user must be logged user, new password for the user MD5 encrypted
    oldPassword string(w/o) used only when changing password for user associated with this resource - old MD5 encrypted password that is about to be changed (see parameter newPassword)
    owner user(r/o) user that is owner of the resource, if resource is of type PERSON, visible only to administrator 
    parent requestResource(r/o) parent resource if any
    relatedResource array[resourceRelation] list of related resources and it's roles, visible only to members of the resource
    requestCustomTypes array[requestCustomType] list of request custom types used for requests where this resource is primary recipient
    requestSeverities array[requestSeverity] list of request severities used for requests where this resource is primary recipient
    type enumeration(r/o) type of resource: PERSON | ORGANIZATION | PROJECT


    name value description
    address1 string first row of the address
    address2 string second row of the address
    city string city
    countryCode string 2 letter ISO country code (in capital case)
    zipCode string zip code


    name value description
    accessRight string access right the key grants to the possessor, it is defined by module that uses it
    key string API key string, it cannot be changed directly, set to null to regenerate it


    name value description
    comment string folder comment or description
    id long folder id
    name string folder name


    name value description
    value string custom type label


    name value description
    name string severity label
    value integer value 1-10 of severity


    extends requestResource
    name value description
    role enumeration required - role of related resource: ADMIN | CLIENT | DISPATCHER | PROVIDER
    ... requestResource(r/o) the rest of fields are inherited from request resource


    name value description
    id long user id
    name string user name
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