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Touch Release Week Changes

    Updates of Atollon Lagoon productivity & collaboration tool can be found at Lagoon Release Week Changes.


    New Atollon Touch generation coming.


    New features

    - User may have own personal API key (to use in 3rd party applications or Lagoon)


    - now all changes on request are indicated (project, prices, estimated duration, etc.)
    - Project: after creating the project, URL of the project is immediately available
    - Date filtering now enabled by Created / Updated date
    - new solver added change indication


    New features

    - possibility to assign solver to request transparently (currently it was only allowed using Lagoon & was not transparent to client)


    - Annexes: possibility to enhance request with new features


    - set-up request price: possibility to set the price of the request resolution & estimated duration

    - new contacts application displaying your & your organization's relations

    - now possible to send request to anyone



    - now the Date modified field is displayed when listing requests & in request detail

    - now e-mail notification about created request is sent directly when sending the request

    - now possible to change password directly in Edit Account form

    - new contact selection component

    Bug fixes

    - it was not possible to reject request resolution, which was fixed

    Atollon Touch beta release

    - we released beta version of Atollon Touch to our VIP clients 12. 12. 2012

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