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    Atollon portal for clients & providers.

    Atollon Lagoon

    Atollon solution for the company management.


    Specialized Atollon applications.

    In progress

    Clients & Contacts Management

    History of contact relationships

    Client overview

    Client Folder features

    In progress


    Integrated mailing

    Tracking of e-mails in connection to clients & projects

    Setting-up Mailbox options


    Projects / Business Cases

    Project forms

    Relations to other information (e-mails, tasks, documents, calendar, time sheet)

    Project Access Rights

    Projects profitability tracking


    Business Cases & Time Sheet, Invoicing

    Project Time Sheet tracking

    Setting-up Charge Rates

    Various Billing details

    Tracking fixed fees vs. excessing

    Project profitability tracking

    Tracking costs & productivity of employees


    Reminders, Tasks & Calendar 

    Calendar persona & shared view

    Automated reminders

    Repeating deadlines

    Tasks delegation

    Sending notification of tasks resolution by supervisor


    Document Library

    Notifications to documents

    Documents access rights

    Documents search

    Documents versioning



    Run report & use filter criteria

    Adjust report grouping criteria

    Export report to XLS or print



    Workflow configuration

    Set-up of workflow timing

    Tracking project status using workflow


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