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Set-Up Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    This guide will show you steps necessary to set-up SLA (Service Level Agreement) for your Atollon.com request tracking accounts. It is expected that you already created your Atollon.com request tracking accounts & are able to retrieve the list of your requests.

    Set-Up Severities


    Login to Lagoon with admin account and go to Service Management section > Severity Settings.

    Add new severities


    Severities should range from Low to High. You can set one level for each of 1 to 10, where 1 is lowest severity and 10 is highest. You can also save lower number of severities (such as in the example).

    Set-up Service Hours


    Go to Service Management > Service Hours.

    Set-up SLA (Service Level Agreement)


    Go to Service Management > SLA Settings.

    Add new SLA


    Press the (+) button to create new SLA.

    Create New Service Level Agreement


    1. Name the Service Level Agreement (such as "Standard SLA")
    2. Select e-mail identity (it is used when sending notifications)
    3. Select default context (also necessary to let the system know, where to store notifications)
    4. For phase 1., 2., 3. select Notification Channel (either e-mail or SMS)
    5. For all phases, select Message Template
    6. For all phases, select Contact Groups (these contacts will receive notification, if they have e-mail or mobile No.)
    7. Press (+) button to add new Request Custom Type (such as "bug", "requirement", "extension", etc. used in your Atollon.com request tracking)
    8. Rename the text field
    9. Select Severity, for which the notification should be sent (select only severity, which is missing in the list)
    10. Select Service Hours for this Service Level Agreement (when are you available under this SLA)
    11. Save the Severity setting & continue adding new (button top left)
    12. Close the SLA (and save it at the same time)

    Once the SLA Settings are done, Atollon Desk should automatically notify contacts in the Contact Groups, once the Request is not Accepted in Phase 1, 2, 3 (based on preset Reaction time). The same applies for Duration. Here, Atollon Desk verifies whether the Request has been closed.

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