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Set-Up Request Tracking Account

    This guide will show you how to set-up Atollon.com request tracking Account in Atollon Lagoon.

    Request tracking account on Atollon.com is used to create & collect all requests coming to your organization using Atollon.com.

    Generate API Key on Atollon.com

    Login to your Atollon.com Account and go to Settings > Organization > API Keys to grasp API key of your desire (you need full-rights API Key at this point).

    Login to Atollon Lagoon as admin user & Set-Up Request Tracking Account


    Go to Options > Service Management > Request Tracking Accounts.

    Create new Request Tracking Account


    1. Press (+) button to add new Account
    2. Name the account (as you wish)
    3. Add Account's API Key (copy & paste from Atollon.com)
    4. Adjust Account's RIghts (authorize users & groups that can track requests using this account)
    5. Close (the account is saved at the same moment)

    After the Account is created, you can try to open Requests Application to see whether there are requests listed. You can also try to create new (Received) request on behalf of your client.

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