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Team Controlling Set-Up

    Team Controlling allows you track costs / revenues for your teams, organizational units or any other responsibility centres within your organization.

    Team Controlling is used mainly in the following areas of Atollon Lagoon:

    • Time Sheet - users may belong to the Team and project or client may be owned by the Team, so it's important to know what users worked on which projects. It may happen that the User may belong to different Team and works on other Team's projects.
    • Client & Projects - may be owned by different Team(s). Please note that Team membership does not have any influence on access rights.
    • Products - each product may be owned by different Team(s)
    • Finance Transactions Analytics - each finance transaction (or it's share) may be associated with different Team(s) for management reporting

    Set-up Tracking Category: Team


    Go to Options & Tools > Tracking Categories to set-up new tracking category (Team) and it's values. The values may be set-up using tree levels.

    Assign Users to Teams using Work Contracts


    After you set-up Team as one of the Tracking Categories, you will be able to amend Work Contracts, where you can assign Users to the Team. Please note that the validity of the Work Contract influences also the membership of the user in the team (in case of tracking User's Time Sheet).

    You can go to applications (Atollon) > Work Contracts to set-up membership of Users in the Team.

    Set project (client) type to require Team Controlling analytics


    If you want, you can require Users creating new projects to fill-in the Project's Team ownership. (You can do the same for Client Folder Type).

    Set-up Team on existing project(s)


    Go to Project detail and press (>) project options button to Edit the Project properties. Here you'll be able to assign Team to Project.

    Show Team attributes in Time Sheet


    Modifying columns in Time Sheet will enable you to view Team(s) associated with Time Sheet records. Simply drag & drop the columns to Displayed Columns list.

    After your Users enter new Time Sheet, you will see what is the User's Team (shown as Team (user)) and what Projects or Clients are owned by which Team (shown as Team (context)). Context-based Team is selected based on hierarchical tree priority: Activity > Project > Client (if Activity has Team, use it, if not continue to Project, etc.)

    Mass-change existing Time Sheet records


    Select Time Sheet record(s) that you want to change & press Mass Change button to assign Team to the records. You can change association of User to Team (user) or ownership of Project / Client by Team (context).

    Reporting Time Sheet records on Teams


    Using online Time Sheet reporting tool (see section Subtotals in Time Sheet overview window) you can easily see the Team's performance. You can also cross-track usage of Users from different Teams working on other Team's projects.

    Filtering Time Sheet records on Teams


    If you are Team A owner (in above example), you may see what other Team's members have collaborated on your Project(s). Just click on other Team record in summary and in the details above you may drill-down to the records that belong to your projects, where you used other Team members.

    This functionality may be useful to prepare intra-company costs calculation among various Teams.

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