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Accounting company


    Basic functions

    For all employees

    • data archivation
    • contact and contact relationship
    • tasks
    • time sheet and expenses / time sheet from task / time sheet report
    • billing and invoicing

    Specific functions

    For all employees

    • contact archiving
    • type of contact
    • defining contact relationship with other subjects

    Business development dep.

    • business transaction
    • which services does this offer cover (accounting, payroll, trust, ...)
    • was the transaction win
    • when it was win
    • specific task by project workflow

    Accounting dep.

    • VAT returns
      • Specific data for every month/quarter
        • VAT registration
        • payment transaction
        • date of registration
        • deadline for submitting
      • every month has its own data too
        • type
        • deadline for submitting
      • tasks
        • VAT return preparation
    • Real estate tax
    • Corporate income tax return
    • Road tax
      • typy
      • specifické úkolování v rámci procesu dle typu projektu
      • workflow jednotlivých úkolů

    Payroll dep.

    • Payroll
      • monthly
      • other services
    • Payroll annual closing

    Trust dep.

    • management services
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