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Create Sales Opportunity

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    This wizard will show you how create and use Sales Oportunity at Atollon Shark CRM.

    First - open Projects and Folders


    Sales opportunities are type of project that can be created at Atollon. Move cursor to Atollon icon (top-left) and then click on Projects and Folders

    Choose Sales opportunity


    On this place you can choose project type, for now it is sales opportunity.

    Filling contacts data


    When creating new Sales opportunity you can choose existing contact or create new one.
    If you create new one follow steps to fill contact data for company and person (relationship employer and employee).

    Filling data to Client


    You can fill Client data during creation of sales opportunity.

    Filling data to Sales opportunity


    Last step of wizard is filling details about this Sales opportunity

    Update of fields (products/services)


    After click on "sales opportunity" tab you can add new items or services into list of demanded / offered services (from items database).
    1. Click on Sales opportunity
    2.Click on button "NEW"
    3. Choose item from database of products and services
    4. Add price and quantity
    5. Save Sales Opportunity

    Probability and Expected closure


    After adding items to the business case there is possible to assess the chances of getting the business case. Usually the chance is increasing with the way when you are closer to signing contract / checkout.

    Create Estimate / Client offer


    1. Mark the particular Sales opportunity
    2. Click on button "Create estimate"

    Send estimate to client


    Easy way to create PDF file and sent it to your customer start under arrow. Click on arrow, choose print.

    Afterwards system show print templates select menu. You can choose which template you want to print and way of communicating (by e-mail f.e.).

    You can send e-mail using (personalized) mail template. E-mail is automatically saved on Sales opportunity context, so you can have it whenever you need it.

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