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    What is it?

    It is Atollon's way how to map CRM system as a single network drive to your computer.

    So it means I can access files stored in CRM as on our company document server?

    Yes. Everytime you upload document to the Atollon CRM it's stored on our server in context you picked up (eg. let's say you've uploaded the file using Finder undre CRM company folder named "My best company"). When you'll run script bellow the network drive is mapped to your computer and you can access files from your operating system (the mapdrive.cmd script works only for windows).

    How can I access that network drive?

    We supposed you already have configuration which makes this possible implemented. If so login to the CRM system firstly. Then download script file attached to this site, edit it with your favourit SciTE editor :) and run it. The script will ask for your user name and password which is same as your access credential to the CRM and map the network drive immediately after.

    Note: You have to be logged in the Atollon CRM system before you try to map your network drive! Otherwise system won't let you map the drive!

    How the workflow for uploading and viewing files should work?

    At first you need to upload document to the Atollon CRM.



    After that run the mapdrive.cmd script and fill up your credentials:



    If you see message "The network connection could not be found." directly after your login name, don't bother about it. It just tells you there wasn't any drive to disconnect from.

    When you see "The command completed successfully." your drive is connected properly. Now you can access CRM's file from your computer.


    How to configure mapdrive.bat script?

    Just set up following three values>

    CRMADDR- this is (IP) adress of the server the CRM system runs on.

    PREFIX - username prefix for access network drive (you may find this prefix on the server in ispconfig.xml file, tag <module name="mod.itfs"><USERNAMEPREFIX>XXXXX</USERNAMEPREFIX></module>).

    DRIVERLETTER - disk letter you want to access CRM system on using your windows Computer.

    Also known as

    Atollon Virtual File System

    Network drive

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