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Clone folder to other organization

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    To clone folder into another orgnization, there is a context menu item (in finder), for executing this function.



    Click on this button will list all organizations. After selecting organization and click "OK" button


    , the server will:

    1. check, if settings in both organizations are the same: it will be checked by organization_default settings. If nodes for folder type, project type, activity type, folder states and so on, are different in current and destination organization, the server resutrn error about it.  Otherwise it runs next steps:
    2. get folder save the copy in destination organization and run next sub-steps
      1. the folder copy will have clear reference id
      2. copy global and custom form values
      3. copy messages only. These messages are assigned only current folder (not projects)
      4. for each projects, assigned to source folder, do:
        1. copy project to destination folder (in destination organization)
        2. copy global and custom form values
        3. copy messages assigned only to current project (not from activites)
        4. for each activity from source project do
          1. copy activity to destination project
          2. copy global form values (custom form on activity does not exist)
          3. copy messages, only from current activites
          4. recursively copy activites 
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