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Capture new Sales Opportunity


    This tutorial will show you generic way of creating sales opportunities in Atollon. Please note that capturing Sales Opportunities may be made easier by integrating Atollon with any web using free Web Leads functionality.

    Search for existing client or create new client


    First search for existing client. You can use search option in Atollon toolbar.

    Create new Client


    You can create new client by moving mouse over Finder (computer) icon & selecting option New Client... It is enough to just fill-in the Client name. If you create new client by pressing Next..., you can open tab "Projects & Subfolders", which has option to create new Sales Opportunity project.

    Create new Sales Opportunity project


    1.) Select the client, for which you would like to create New sales opportunity
    2.) Select the type of project you want to create (in this case Sales Opportunity) - there may be different types of Sales opportunities configured for various products or services
    3.) Enter the New project form, including custom form fields (for Sales Opportunity it is for instance Type of Sales Opportunity, Lead Source, Services, Volume, etc.) & confirm (Ok)

    Add your client's (external) contacts


    On first Sales Opportunity tab, you may find External contacts section, where you should add one or more contacts that are involved in Sales Opportunity. These contacts are used for automated Sales campaign mailing or Mass Mail.

    Add products & services details


    After you have created new Sales Opportunity project, you may enter Sales Items & their probability.

    1.) Add new Sales Items
    2.) Set their probability within the Sales Opportunity
    3.) Set the Date, which is expected to close the Sales Opportunity
    4.) Set the probability, with which the Sales Opportunity will be closed succesfully (the closer you are to win the case, the higher probability)

    Create & Send Estimate


    You can select any number of items from Sales Opportunity and create new Estimate, which may be directly sent as PDF to your client.

    1.) Select Sales Items
    2.) Press Create Estimate button
    3.) Revise Estimate
    4.) Send the Estimate to client (press Print button)

    Once you send the Estimage using estimate Print function, you may select message template and the e-mail is automatically stored on the Sales Opportunity project.

    Review Estimates for Sales Opportunity


    Each Sales Opportunity may have several Estimates sent to your client. Once one (or more) of the Estimates is winning, you can open it and mark as winning by converting Estimate to Billing / Project Budget. Estimates may be as well approved internally before they are sent to client.

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