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Import Contacts


    This tutorial will guide you through process of importing contacts.

    Contacts are imported using MS Windows administrative interface. You should prepare your import file in a way it separates companies and persons. This import tool supports only CSV file format.

    Bind person to company
    If you want to automatically bind persons to companies, you should add one numeric field to persons database to match some company OldID (numeric).

    Preparation of Import File

    It is necessary to prepare the import file properly. There are the following conditions you should follow:

    1. Format must be CSV
    2. Encoding must be Windows-1250
    3. Separator should be (;) - semicolon
    4. The first row in the file should contain column headers
    5. Each row in the file should represent one record (in case there are descriptions containing line breaks, they must be replaced by \n)

    Exporting any spreadsheet from Open Office to CSV file generates valid document that can be easily imported.

    See more comprehensive description & example import file.

    Login to Atollon MS Windows client


    You will use the same username & password that you use for Atollon login.

    Verify connection settings to Atollon


    If you can't login, please verify that your connection settings are correct. You should enter your server Address as well as SSL Port. You should get this information from your System Administrator (Atollon support in case of Atollon.net hosted solution).

    Create new import with using template


    Select option "Contacts using template from CSV".

    Import template is used to remember mapping of fields from CSV file to system fields.

    Create new import template


    If you have not yet created any template for your input CSV file, you should do it now.

    1.) Click on New icon
    2.) Fill-in Template Name
    3.) Select Target Node (folder for storing contacts)
    4.) Select File name (CSV file)
    5.) Choose separator (;)
    6.) Select Import type (company/person)
    7.) Press Prepare mapping

    Map CSV fields to Atollon contacts fields


    Before the mapping dialog started, you should have selected at least one Address Type (for instance Correspondence) and Contact Information (e-mail for example). Just select the contact type / information and press Ok.

    In mapping form, left column displays fields from CSV file and right column displays Atollon system fields.
    Select the field from CSV, select corresponding field from Atollon contacts and press >> to map those fields.

    Please note that some contact fields may be add several times. You can add for instance more Address Types, Contact Information (e-mail, sms, fax, etc.), contact Distribution Groups, Industries, etc.

    It is adviced to import also contact Source, indicating where we gathered imported data.

    After you map fields, press Ok.

    Select import options and save template


    Import options:

    Ask for unmatched addresses: system asks you to select Country, Region, City and ZIP based on ZIP code.
    Address mapping: system automatically tries to match Country, Region, City and ZIP based on ZIP code.
    Create account for each contact: system creates selected Contact Folder (Client, Partner, etc.) for each contact.
    Import everything without control if the current item already exists: should system check duplicated entries?
    If yes, should existing contacts be updated or is it allowed to create new contacts (used for updating existing records)?

    Run import


    Just select the created template and press Ok to run the import. Based on selected options, system may ask you to map values of CSV into lists in Atollon contacts during the import.

    Contacts Maintainance After Import


    Sometimes during import, several empty fields are imported as regular records, which makes the database dirty. You can fix this problem by running Contacts integrity check.
    We strongly suggest you to backup your database before the contacts maintainance.

    Using root user, go to Windows admin interface: Settings > Contacts > Contacts Maintainance

    You can run "Delete empty contacts" to remove any contact information that does not contain any values.

    You can setup default main contacts to set any (one) contact information (e-mail, phone, mobile, etc.) as primary.

    You can Copy data into main contacts table to fix contacts list of primary contact information.

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