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    Create Mailbox

    The appropriate dialog box you may find in Options & Tools/ Mailbox Edit.

    Mailbox Edit detail

    Top left you may find New and Edit buttons, they allow you to create new or edit existing Mailbox. Pushing the New button wiil open New Mailbox dialog.

    New Mailbox/ Basic detail:

    • User = select the appropriate user from the list of existing users
    • Mailbox name = Atollon is automatically filling in the user name from existing user account, it could be further edited or changed 
    • Domain =  select appropriate domain from the dropdown menu 
    • Identity  = Atollon is automatically setting up "username@domain" identity for the mailbox, it could be further edited or changed according to the user requirements, based on SMTP/ DNS settings 
    • Store messages to = messages could be generally stored in user mailbox or with respect to the context used
    • Signature  = it allows you to set up automatic signature 
    • Aliases = it allows you to set up/ manage Aliases

    New Mailbox/ Advance detail: 

    • Auto - respond settings = it allows you to enable and set up automatic response when out-of office or unavailable 
    • Forward settings = it allows you to enable automatic forwarding of incoming e-mails (Allow forwarding), where you can choose Save forwarded option (all incoming messages will by saved in your mailbox, otherwise forwarded only); finally you can set up/ manage forward e-mail addresses.

    The dialog will be closed by pushing OK button. 

    Mailbox Access Rights

    In Mailbox detail: Bottom left you may find access rights to each individual mailbox. Each user must have View & Edit rights to their mailbox in order to be able to:

    1. Use the mailbox
    2. Edit own signature in Mailbox Settings.

    To set up user rights just push the Add User button and select the name of mailbox owner from the list, select appropriate user rights and commit changes by pushing Save button. 

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