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Synchronization Settings


    Set-Up Calendar Synchronization

    In Atollon's Calendar, you may set-up synchronization of your schedule with either Google Calendar, Office.com or MS Exchange (since version 2007 R2).


    If you have not configured any sync accounts previously, you have to first configure your own Atollon account.


    Just fill-in your password and that's it. Please remember that once you change your Atollon password, you have to update it in your Calendar settings in order for synchronization tool to work properly.

    Add Google Calendar Synchronization

    After you have added your Atollon account, continue adding the Google account.


    Before you create the Google account, you have to Receive Google token. Add your Google Login first and push the button Receive Google token. This button will send you to your Google account to verify Atollon Calendar sync tool and authorize access.

    Once you have authorized access of Atollon Calendar sync tool to your Google Calendar account, you should be automatically returned to above screen, where you can Create the Google sync account. In case you have previously enabled Atollon Calendar sync in your Google account and you need to renew the authorization, you have to first remove application authorization in Google (see the howto below).

    Add Office.com Calendar Synchronization

    After you have added your Atollon account, continue adding the Office.com account.


    Fill-in your Login to Office.com, add the server URL: https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx and fill-in your Office.com (365) password. Please note that in case you change your password in Office.com, you need to update the password here to allow Atollon sync tool synchronize your events.

    Add MS Exchange Calendar Synchronization

    After you have added your Atollon account, continue adding the MS Exchange account.


    Just enter the MS Exchange access credentials (Login, Server and Password) and press on Create.

    Request the Server address from your MS Exchange server administrator. The MS Exchange Web Services URI used for the synchronization should look like: https://servername.domain.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

    Remove Application Authorization in Google

    In case you need to re-authorize Atollon Calendar in Google, you have to first remove the previously granted access of Atollon Calendar synchronization app.

    You can do that by entering Google Accounts and removing Atollon Calendar application in Connected apps & sites.

    Go to My Account in Google


    Go to Manage Apps


    Select Atollon Calendar Sync and Remove


    Now you will be able to link your Atollon account with Google Calendar once more.

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