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Time Sheet, Task and Calendar Rights



    This utility allows you to create Administration Containers that hold information about Access Rights of Users belonging to Time Sheet, Tasks and Calendar.

    Access Rights to Time Sheet, Tasks and Calendar is managed on the principle of assigning access of users / groups to particular user's own Time Sheet, Tasks and Calendar records. Users are authorized to manipulate other user's Time Sheet (Tasks, Calendar Events) once they are allowed to do so under User settings.

    You may entere access rights to each individual user's own TTE individually, or you may use Administration Containers above as a central administration tool for the same group of users.


    Purpose of these containers is to create similar groups of access rights settings that belong to the same User Organization Role. For example the same Consultants in the same Team may share their Time Sheet settings and may have one Team Leader that would approve other team member's Time Sheet entries. In this scenario, each team would have their own Administration Container, where you set all access rights of users to members of this team.


    Assign the Admin Container to User(s)

    Go to each User's own settings and assign the created access rights container (team rights) to each individual users.


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