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    When you need to work effectively in team you need to give tasks to your colleagues, or even yourself. And of course you need to know how are your tasks fulfilled.

    1) Create new task
    2) Use predefined template
    3) Filter task where you are solver and where you are as person to be notified
    4) You can Filter tasks, do mass changes or export (CSV, HTML or Excel files)


    1) Task have to be created on client or project context (when you create tasks from clients tab context is filled automatically)
    2) Type of task and name
    3) Chargability, who is solver and who will be notified (can be both more than one person)
    4) Date and time details for task start and deadline
    5) you can attach files
    6) post message for solver
    7) even add checklist




    We can create special checklist which have to be filled, otherwise user cannot close the task. There can be different set of forms for different stages of one task template.
    Tasks can have automatic work flow which can escalate tasks to next resp. user and more and more.

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