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    It is necessary to set-up Finance Settings, once you want to use Estimates, Invoices or Orders.


    Set-up Journals

    Win client: Settings > Finance > Journals
    Add all journals that are necessary, minimal supported set is:

    • Issued Invoice
    • Received Order
    • Received Invoice
    • Issued Order
    • Estimate

    Set-up Billing Document States

    It is necessary to set-up at least one state per the Billing Document.

    Estimate States

    For Estimates, set-up at least:

    • Issued
    • For Approval
    • Approved
    • Dispproval
    • Billed
    • Approved by client

    Set properly Status priorities 0 .. 100 to sort workflow order of states.
    After Estimate has been converted into Project Budget, the status is automatically switched to fixed status Billed.

    Invoice States

    For invoices, set-up at least the following states:

    • Issued
    • For Approval
    • Approved
    • Paid
    • Partially Paid
    • Cancelled

    Please note that Cancelled state does not have any effect in system's calculations of total invoicing. Should be considered for future development.

    Finance Settings

    • Set home currency.
    • Set-up Billing period.

    Go to Win client: Settings > Finance > Settings

    Set-up Exchange Rates

    If you use foreign currencies, it is necessary to set-up Exchange rates at least once at the beginning of the period. Exchange rates are used, when calculating foreign-currency sales opportunity items & billing items for Financial Reporting purpose.

    Check provider information

    See if all information you need (provider's name, address, registration number, VAT number, bank account, etc.) is entered at provider's contact. This information is necessary to properly issue new invoice / estimate.

    Set-Up Items

    You should be able to create new products/items. Check that you can define Item Type (ie Product, Service, ...) and that you can create new item. If not, then you should check product/item settings in Win client.

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