Getting Started

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    Quick Start Guide

    For novice users, see how you can start using Atollon.

    Video Tutorials

    See our Atollon Youtube Channel. Please note that after login to Atollon you should receive several video guides to help you understand Atollon features.

    Basic Set-Up

    If you want to Set-Up some of the Atollon options yourself, we collected several guides for you to start immediately.

    Express Implementation

    During Express Implementation, Atollon consultants set-up basic aspects of Atollon. There is one-time set-up fee involved, see Price List.

    Business Implementation

    Business Implementation is more structured implementation process, incl. free Business Growth Engine program. Program is scheduled for 8-weeks, in which you will set your organization to whole new level.

    Atollon Consulting company offers consulting services that should help you deploy Atollon quickly and efficiently.