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SQL Eport of all Job Advertisements

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    Use the code below to get all job advertisement saved in database.

    select distinct
    	project.subjectname "klient",
    	project.nameinmaster "pozice", 
    	project.refid "refid pozice",
    	msg_template.name "název inzerátu", 
    	msg_template.id "id inzerátu", 
    	msg_actions.valid_from "platný od",
    	msg_actions.valid_to "platný do",
    	msg_template_advertisements.job_description "popis pozice",
    	msg_template_advertisements.requirements "požadavky",
    	msg_template_advertisements.offer "nabídka",
    	msg_template_advertisements.footer "patička",
    	msg_template_advertisements.contact_name "jméno",
    	msg_template_advertisements.contact_phone "telefon",
    	msg_template_advertisements.contact_mail "mail",
    	msg_template_advertisements.priority "priorita",
    	msg_template_advertisements.keywords "klíčová slova",
    	msg_template.language "jazyk", 
    	msg_template.created "inzerát vytvořen"
    from msg_template 
    	join project on project.id = msg_template.project_id
    	join msg_template_advertisements on msg_template_advertisements.template = msg_template.id
    	join msg_actions on msg_template.id = msg_actions.msg_template
    where type=51
    order by
    	klient asc,
    	pozice asc,
    	"název inzerátu" asc;
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