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    Temporary Import Files

    Providing temporary data import storage for users & system modules.

    The storage should enable server side scripts as well as users save temporary contents for further processing by client side tools / parsers.

    Temporary Import Files Table structure

    Table name: features_temp_import_files

    Field Name Data Type Description Optional / required
    id bigint ID of the record Auto
    description string Human readable description of the import file Optional
    treehandle bigint Reference to tree.id Required
    acl string Access to the temporary import file record. Default acl taken from treeNode's template acl. Required
    user bigint Link to access_users.id Optional
    team bigint Link to team_main.id Optional
    module bigint Link to enabled modules: features_modules.moduleid Required
    type string Internal module's identification of import type / format (cv-file, cv-hrxml,...) Required
    reference bigint Internal ID of the record belonging to the key (in reacruitment ID of applicant contact) Optional
    data string Data contents Optional
    status int Number, which definces status and can be filter by mask of another number Optional
     attachments array Attachments can be saved in separated table features_temp_import_files_attachments (see bellow) Optional
    source string Information where the file comes from (file,textkernel,...) Optional
    custom1 string Custom field 1 Optional
    custom2 string Custom field 2 Optional
    custom3 string Custom field 3 Optional
    createdby bigint User, who created the data - link to access_users.id Auto
    created datetime Date/time the data were created Auto
    modifiedby bigint User, who modified the datea - link to access_users.id Auto
    modified datetime Date/time the data were modified Auto


    Table name: features_temp_import_files_attachments

    Field Name Data Type Description Optional / required
    id bigint ID of the record Auto
    owner bigint Describes which imported object contains this attachment (reference to features_temp_import_files.id) Required
    doc_id bigint Link to doc_library.id Optional
    description string Usage description Optional


    Status values

    Since status is just number, which allows us to freely group groups togethere by defining list filter mask, the whole bussiness logic is in documentation and definition. Here are statuses, which are curently in use.


    1 Default value, represents aktual object
    2 Archived - represents already imported, with no further work planned
    4 Deleted - manually deleted TIFs.

    HR XML

    One usage of TIF is in recruitment, where data contains JSON following HR-XML schema.

    Usage of custom

    custom1 - ID of vacancy project

    custom2 - Text of attached motivation letter (which can be sometimes found in jobs.cz mail attachment) 


    PersonCompetency node - CompetencyType attribute values:
    "langskill" = language
    everything else = skill


    Text Translation Service

    Table name: features_translated_text

    Name Data Type Description Optional / required
    id bigint Unique id Required
    keyid bigint ID of the translated record Required
    domain string Identification of translated field Required
    treenode bigint Reference to FEATURESTRANSLATIONNODE Required {fk tree}
    language bigint Language ID Required {fk languages}
    text string Translated contents Optional

    Primary key



    keyid, domain, language

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